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  1. HAHAHA! Sorry bout that. All I was tryin to say was that it might work well for a fella providing the parents in the cross aint some AKC shit eaters. LOL! Hope thats easire for a guy to understand. You oughta seen me strain when I first come over here a few years ago. Hell, I dont know whether I was a foot or horseback. I couldnt understand a damn thing yall was sayin. LOL! Shit, then I started pickin it up and typin out yalls jargon on some of the USA sights and crackin people up. I love this site though cause most of the guys on here seem to know about dogs even if they aint the ki
  2. Of course I dont know a whole hell of alot about how yall do your work with lurchers and what not but I just cant see why that the cross would not be good at about anything providing they were out of a good stock of hard workin dogs. To me for an all arounder, in my country, I wouldnt want anything but that. We have dogs kind of like that over here but we just call em stags. Doubt they got much Saluki really in them but they got a shot of just about whatever makes it work and they have the build and what not about like that cross would have, I would guess.
  3. Music or not, you got it figgered out young man. Nice video!
  4. I wouldnt sell a pup to nobody for no amount of money. When I raise a litter, I try to keep every pup and if someone that I know will use them and cull hard asks me for one then I will let one go. Otherwise, there aint noway in hell a pup is leaving my yard.
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