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  1. it was me mate to be honest i am hoping and praying to keep her but things are difficult at home with the missis at the mo if you get what i mean lol hopefully everything works out for the best a
  2. cheers tried my best with the photos lol il blaim the camara if there not as good as fuji lol
  3. moocher123

    Driving Fields

    Well f***ing said bazel brush f***ing jokes why not just walk I can't see how there dogs would be fitter when every animal they run is chased by a motor first then dogs where the walking lads have a dog at full energy and the quarry at full energy a walking lads dog is surely fitter as they have to chase when the quarry is at full energy and unlike that poor deer being chased by man made machines first absolute joke I av been offered to go 4 by 4 and told them to f**k off and never spoke to them again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. moocher123

    Driving Fields

    Well said millet Well said, the lads who walk have the best and most tested dogs That's the most load of bollox av ever heard FACT Have you seen the helicopter video footage of lads from your area? here it is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nbgEvJKZT1E I'm so glad you put this up I seen it yesterday if that video is anything to go by if that wat happens WHEN you go out with 4 by 4 motor f****n jokes that's fact I would never dream of doing this to any land first two dogs couldn't get near it jokes of hunting fact rant over made me angry to see this
  5. moocher123

    Driving Fields

    iv never been lamping in a car and have had many offers and to the lads that have offerd me i would never take them to my land cause they will be driving over my permission i walk miles and it does not bother me just the thought of driving along fields stupid if you ask me jmo
  6. moocher123

    Deben Lithion Ion Battery Pack

    I think they are shit worse thing I wasted 260 pound on I sold it a month after I bought it yeah the weight is ideal everything else I sold it all for 170 and went and boughta lightforce again and a 20 amp sealed lead bat with charger you can't beat light force and the old style bat jmo but I had it all from new bleady white beam looks yellow just bollocks !!! Atb
  7. moocher123

    Fly Nearly 11 Months Looking Fat Lol

    Thanks for all your comments
  8. moocher123

    Fly Nearly 11 Months Looking Fat Lol

    25 tts mate and thanks
  9. Idiot but cheers Lol
  10. Nice to get out with the bitch and nice to see my local permission cut can't wait lol
  11. moocher123

    Fly Nearly 11 Months Looking Fat Lol

    I thinks it's funny she looks fat lol