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  1. Mushroom I had Trev's sister had her pts 29th may this year liver cancer 11 half she was 12 in August it really destroyed me letting her go Chris bred real quality in that litter always remember walking back to the car with her 7 weeks old me mate said it looks like a lion cub there were a few on here had pups simoman,bobhope
  2. Pup or upto 6 month old permanent home waiting ,members of here will vouch for me no problem.
  3. Ive been dabbing apple cider vinegar on,and rubbing banana skins on it for the potassium to desolve it so far it's drying up and turning black and started to scab I've also bought a tub of equine thuja cream for back up thanks for the replys John.
  4. Hi I'm after some advice I've been to the vets they give me a 10 day course of antibiotics,some cream stuff it doesn't seem to be doing anything to it ,has anyone had anything like it before I'm baffled to what to use to clear it up any help be much appreciated john.
  5. Top class Kim was John put a lot of gear to bed she did atb pal
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