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  1. tysons got a good jab and his size and power will see him win, no showboating now,hope he wins a world title, good for old whitey.
  2. if i was you i would pen some birds and get the dog under close control and get him use to not running at them, it will take a long time but do it carefully. i got a dog that would chase everything and took him free to good home it took 18 months to sort him out without breaking his spirit and now he,s a decent dog that will hunt flush not run in and retrieve, but it will take time and not loose your cool with the dog.
  3. there,s one wondering round the zoo at ulverston cumbria,i took a similar pics two yrs back.
  4. its a good price for a decent animal,if you cant afford then buy something you can..
  5. naylors saddlery store, rochdale. hound and terrier couples in steel
  6. if i was to get another lurcher then one of those pups would be a likely start.pity your 300 miles away.
  7. gypsies, they wernt called travellers then all the men had greased back hair, wore proper collered shirts and suit pants with dealer boots ,not vests or tracky bottoms in sight,stag and greyhound lurchers for sale with the hjkc words attached.terriers that had never seen shows and bow legged russels everywere.
  8. try useing some gundog sites for beating, most shoots welcome any new enthusiastic lads for the season.good luck mate
  9. its the nest of a rujackapith,did it fly backwards and whistle out its arse?looks like its been put there that nest is your mate having you over.
  10. could have been an unnoticed infection that has scarred the gland but i would take it to the vets they might inject pennicilin. be safe
  11. somebody ought to hold the pimp down by his ears and let a greyhound run in to his head at full pelt the let a whippet run into his head then ask him to right about what is worse
  12. very raul moaty mate,take some fast talking lessons if you get caught with that.
  13. personaly i dont think he his dead, you wouldnt go out there and not try to to take him alive for all the info to be extracted before killing him quietly later on.loads of pakis over here will be shitting themselves and burning thier computers thats for sure.
  14. best boxer not fighter herrol graham of sheffield, just got in with the wrong manager.80s
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