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  1. to late to do f**k all about it and iant having my kids growing up with the fuckers this countrys f****d end off stevie wonder could see it not bailing just going back to my roots and starting a family have to rent at first to get ya pps number sorted and that but have the depo for a mortgage at the ready and only 25 so now or never thing and the mrs is well up for it so wel be there and soon all goin right
  2. ive been loadsa times with mi dad me grandad was from charlstown county mayo i dont wana be in the town tho want me own gaff with a bit a land cant bilieve what ya get for ya money compared to this shithole
  3. or exicute the c**t and thin out the breed better still iradicate it
  4. not a truer word sed on this site since i joined it countrys f****d my plan is to get the f**k out of it southern ireland and soon imagine the next generation and one after that be a minority in our own country
  5. cheres lads but out of the 15 weeks the pups been alive its had the one bag of cheap food in the last week she now back on austrailian formular and rabbit she and my other dogs also gets whats left of the plates and whatever the mrs has got left over when shes feeding the 5000 haha but cheres for the advice lads everydays a school day as they say atb
  6. also ive read somewere or got told that rabbit has the perfect meat to bone ratio for dogs somthing along the lines of 8 10 10 somthing like that
  7. nice one lads for the advice and the good comments atb
  8. yeah i usually go to kev mate just not had chance latley with work n stuff so the mrs picked a sack of the cheap stuff up to get us by till i can get there usually on the australian formular but like a say not had chance get there atb
  9. dont know what happend there like but yi al give it a whirl mon atb
  10. a mixture realy bud weened off lactol to pedigree puppy then fed raw rabbit with australian formular now shes on a working dog food from aldi but would like to get a mincer and start mincing rabbit and adding own veg and stuff to it the freezing in blocks
  11. she never stops eating its just her structure i think bud also the way shes stood
  12. cheres bud sire is a sal bull grey 25tts bred local to wigan only a touch of bull in him tho dam is a saluki grey 23tts also bred local but was one of reeces pups from trevor i had her sister aswell called bell for a week or so but rosie had a litter of 6 i kept one gifted the rest to working homes at preston bury st helens and kent atb
  13. oreet lads just a pic of a pup i kept back out of a litter i bred 15 week old tomorrow atb
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