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  1. and your a whining little bitch i dont care what your opinion of me is
  2. i killed plenty with the dog and he never got the chance to kill a sheep with me plenty of dogs aint stock trained the lad just ovs dident give a f**k were he run him,my last reply anyway cant be messed with arguing on here today
  3. dog did not want putting to sleep just wanted working properly with a terrier man ect were he cant be in the position to f**k up witch the man who brought him said he was did not even say he wanted him for lamping because he knew what the dog was like and as for wanker f**k you c**t
  4. thanks i dont mate no but id say abit of beddy and whippet hes only a small dog 20 tts he does have abit more of a coat than last pic but have him a trim
  5. i am him apparently not much of a peddler if iv given dogs away iv never made a profit on a dog in my life,i know people personally that are well known with the coursing game that will literally go out and buy a dog to sell on for a profit and i get stick for getting rid of dogs that iv put plenty of gear in front of them and just dont suit me
  6. never mate no we did want to put him to my mates half x bitch had a deal with the lad when i sold him that i can use a line of him but i warned the lad do not let the dog off near any sheep even if a few fields away no lie he used to put his nose in the air then take off long story short lad slipped him in a sheep field dog went on a massacre dog ended up in a dog home and was sore so lad did not want to risk picking him up,.
  7. you been sat there half hour now thinking what to type dont even bother
  8. yeh thats me your own f***ing businesses iv a dog here iv had for a good while no good with sheep so i simply dont take him near them simple as that,worry about your own dogs not mine if i pay for a dog ill do what the f**k i like with it,
  9. dont no pal what another man does with his dogs is totally up to them iv my own shit to worry so should you,, about dont see selling a dog makes a man a messer? if a shooting man buys and sells a few guns because they dont suit him does that make him a messer? messer to me means someone thats messed you about
  10. i brought him from a lad i know from Birmingham he took the dog out and lost him on a herd,,dog found him self something to chew on and was smashed and some man found him 10 mile from were he lost the dog lad went and picked the dog up and was abit shook i think as people had seen the dog in a mess so i had him but no im not sure were he had him from originaly
  11. half x i had the season before this one just gone out of golly lines work wise 100 percent but dog just had a bloody screw lose if u couldn't catch him after a kill couldn't find the wanker for hours best off working f****r on a long line very capable dog tho would like something of his stamp from a pup to bring up properly
  12. bloody hell some of them comments had me crying
  13. credit to you mate they are some cracking pups i like the one in first pic,,reminds me of my old dog alfie the same way bred as the pups , best dog i owned and probz will ever own brought him off a traveller man at 12 month old for £50 couldn't kill a rabbit in a phone box the first ten nights out but when he switched he was un stoppable i went from killing 5 rabbits local a night to 25-30s a couple of nights a week along with bambi but being young and stupid i would run the dog until he could barley stand(a couple of times i had to carry him back to the car) , a couple of nights a week at
  14. smart him mukka would have some sport with him round my way
  15. your right,always baffles me when people say good dogs dont take any stick i know lads that only run fox and will drive past anything else so fox is all there dogs know and they still get bitten ....the fox aint exactly a slow animal i dont see how these out and out fox dogs run by the side of them supposedly and pick them up by the head,most of the fox i see taken are spun from the back and the dog has to adjust its grip this is when dog get marked,but even then if Reynolds been had round the throat if the dogs not a mounting and bone crusher he can still mark the dog on the back of the face,
  16. took these out the ground today that had on a weekend a few months back whats best thing to soak them in to clean them up
  17. has anyone got a pic of a mature saluki x bull be interesting to see
  18. https://www.preloved.co.uk/adverts/show/119692038/1st-cross-saluki-bull.html?utm_source=Newsnow&utm_medium=Referral&utm_campaign=newsnow other stuff funnily enough seen these the other day bird,couldn't say they was out of a pit but someone had the idea
  19. speed and power looks a cracking young dog for abit of everything
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