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  1. Seems like most breeders with a name for them self.
  2. Cracking dogs. Hard to find this sorta breeding these days
  3. Anybody still running anything from davie platts dogs?
  4. Deerhound x wanted View Advert Looking for a deerhound x Please no saluki or bull Cheers Advertiser Grant Bee Date 13/01/20 Price £300.00 Category Working Lurchers  

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    Looking for a deerhound x Please no saluki or bull Cheers


    - GB

  6. Ahh no worries cracking dogs like mate look the part for sure
  7. If anyone has a litter planned with traditional breeding please let me know Cheers
  8. Aye I seen them mate but there all spoken for as far as I'm aware also like 7 hours from me to add
  9. When were they put up mate? I never seen them
  10. Aye I will see what he says. Also any help on getting a decent dog would be great cheers mate
  11. Something along the lines of this is what I'm after
  12. I like a deer hound x mate along those lines anyway. Seen a guy on here called Phil that had deer hound x. Looked like cracking dogs but the post was from 2018
  13. When I had spoke to him apparently they were from traditional breeding only. Thats the only reason I was interested, But cant believe everything you hear
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