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  1. i know that you OLD fecker on about others but as say nothing wrong with rabbiting dogs just dont see how men that only keep that type can judge others on what they do,at end of the day aslong as your dog keeps you happy thats it i spent my whole first season going out 3 nights a week and killing say between 0-8 rabbits and being over the moon with it but iv got into other things and doing rabbits constantly just dont cut it for me not nocking anyone that does
  2. i wouldn't take it as an insult but i dont think iv ever had a lurcher that has failed as a rabbit dog all can be made to fairly handy muts with enough put in front of them,other things are a whole different ball game as some people dont seem to understand that
  3. no because you dont come on here running other people down and telling them what the right/wrong thing is to do with THEIR dogs and making out you know best about everything
  4. want this dislocated toe removed this year before next season never bothered last year as wanted the dog running,anyone that has had it done how long to recover? its a front inside toe it does not swell or anything but total dislocated and dont think it does him any good
  5. f**k off ya dope dident i offer to take you owt with that dog and if it never did everything i said on the add you can smother it on here all you want and you refused,,as for other post clamming best dogs ect iv said before my dogs aint nothing special and have there faults but i know there capable of a few hard nights graft a week on what ever i put them on
  6. brought the bitch on the 8th of oct crashed on the 27th dont make me out to be a lier you f***ing odd ball
  7. mate your talking shit i had that bitch out with me when i crashed i took that bitch out with a man off here 2or 3 weeks before the crash u dope! i put it up on the selling site and my mate rang me and said he would have it,stop talkign shit about stuff you dont know about lol
  8. no it did not sell the last one after two weeks u fool i was in a car crash while out lamping this season and i gave it to my mate for f**k all you gonk and thats the only dog i brought in last season,what im getting as is i like to test my dogs not get them abit of chew and leave them off for two weeks and say iv got a world beater anyone like that dont know what there dog is capable of bring ,,you dont know me or f**k all about me so doubt me on what i do or not do,as iv said before i live in a country with plenty to run and 80% of the time we are driving land so dogs see plenty of game things dont get out of the beam as easily if dogs run half hearted ect its shows alot easier
  9. iv had plenty of decent dogs that iv had from pups the problem as iv said is them lasting most dogs will keep you happy if you only get out now and then,get a dog out constantly and you will find out what you have iv a very addictive personality if iv a dog thats doing well ill be out 5 nights a week with it untill i ither f**k it and it cracks or im happy with it like my bitch mini that i bred still here and iv had my little rough dog for a year and a half i brought in hes 10x the dog he was when i got him im not a thick c**t
  10. yes and i can see your one of them that has 100s of post on talking non hunting related crap,other than that a few pics of a whippet a few rats and a FEW old pics that you dug up from under your bed of a couple of grafting dogs 50 year ago,your finished now so you just like to come on here and give people shit if you havent been through a few dogs in your time you ither have very low standards,only get out once every week or two or are very lucky,maybe iv been through more than most but thats up to me f**k all to do with you any dogs that i kennel are well looked after,in good condition and see plenty of graft you have said your opinion many times before its getting boring now,,and as for dog is question if that was my dog i would of fought to get it back yes but maybe we dont know the whole situation maybe busher does not want police and rspca sniffing around him for other reason
  11. the fucks this got to do with my you old c**t,yeh get rid get another you might be happy nocking a few rabbits over with that whippet and trapping a few poxy rats that dont suit me if a dog dont do what i want it to do i dont have a kennel for it simple as that who hell are you to tell me any different,wankers like you just on here to cause shit was there any need for you to comment my name on this thread ?
  12. drops mic walks off stage ...
  13. yeh getting that error too
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