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  1. My pup growing well have high hopes for her lilly(direct from ozzy) X wilton just gone 5 months old
  2. I picked some leather type 6ft ones up from a greyhound shop not long back real cheap like £6 eatch Don't need them when your throwing them out the sun roof of the forrester anyway
  3. Bailing twine from farmers gate on way out
  4. 34 hope to do 40 this year local seems to be a few about after leaving alot if places last year Bitch had a few fits last year on hard nights hope she comes back right this season
  5. Barb wire bud dog being impatient was opening the gate she jumped iver and got tangled in the double wire,could of been worse but still a pain this time of year
  6. Typical was going to hopefully have a look out to check a few spots in the next week or so ready for the season and sharpen the bitch up abit
  7. Older bitch is getting on and my pup 4 months out out of Lilly and wilton ,lilly is direct out the ozzy dog
  8. my pup i bred hes about 7month old now, not done much last couple of months except abit local with lockdown ect hope everyone is keeping well
  9. ahh okay wont be the bitch i was thinking off then i see a litter on fb simular way bred but the bull bitch was clean as a whistle
  10. put a add up on shiply thats were iv always had the best quotes
  11. its more common than you think i know a young lad only in his 20s he must of had 20 + bitches at one point rooling in cash the f****r just pays for mating food jabs ect then splits the litter but when cockerpoos dachshunds ect are selling for 1200+ its big money
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