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  1. my pup i bred hes about 7month old now, not done much last couple of months except abit local with lockdown ect hope everyone is keeping well
  2. ahh okay wont be the bitch i was thinking off then i see a litter on fb simular way bred but the bull bitch was clean as a whistle
  3. put a add up on shiply thats were iv always had the best quotes
  4. its more common than you think i know a young lad only in his 20s he must of had 20 + bitches at one point rooling in cash the f****r just pays for mating food jabs ect then splits the litter but when cockerpoos dachshunds ect are selling for 1200+ its big money
  5. the price of any pups have gone up with this lock down shit evryone is going crazy for them my mate had a litter of spaniels he usaly sells for 750 he put them up for 1400 at 3 weeks old and they all sold in 2 hours its madness theres going to be alot of dogs to be re homed when country back to normal
  6. its a long legged dachshund x whippet iv got a Japanese racing ferret for sale as well if your interested do you a deal on the two?
  7. pm me iv a cheap dog here do 3/3 on any land pull stags kill fox and very good ferreting dog no good with sheep tho
  8. i live near enough on the same road as our local site the once i seen police try and pull them over out side me house they just stop the car in the middle of the road got out started calling the coppers wankers told them to f**k off and got back in and carried on driving down the road back to site copper pulled over turnt round and f****d off lol
  9. nope not been out but i cant promise i wont be if we had a good bit of rain had a walk with me pup this morning see 3 fox nocking about and 2 little herds of fallow and this young one having a wonder on his own lockdown may be doing some good plenty rabbits about too
  10. nothing against travlers most the lads i lamp with are,just these that are down the road from me cause alot of shit in the area have brought a shit load of extra police in because of there antics and has f****d it up for us local lads that just want to go out and do abit of lamping without getting pulled over and blamed for being out nicking or being treated like c**ts because they suspect were out nicking,now we get the armed police ect coming in from bigger areas and there all knobheads
  11. your right been pulled a few times by the local police over the last few seasons car full of rabbits lamps round neck and never even questioned us just asked what were up to and thats it now the last season or two then new set of irish pulled up on the site down the road from me and alot of new police have come in from outside our countryside area because they been pinching from all the farms and u cant do f**k all at night without these wankers pulling you thinking your out nicking
  12. thanks no worries fella good luck with the future breeding whatever you use
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