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  1. well there is that but unfortunately that is what some people do
  2. thats what i did and it worked turns out they couldn't get in phone anyway but was worth it,the big thing that fucks people up these days with smart phones is EVERYTHING you delete on iPhone ect is backed up on the phone all imessages pics vids ect and can be easily retrieved if they can get on the phone so defiantly worth turning automatic back up off on phones lads if not already done as its set up as standard on new phones this is how they get all of your deleted data,busher i hope you get the dog back and it does not amount to anything for you buddy sorry did not click on to the username
  3. if its police they say they can just plug them in and take all the data off from in seconds but i had my phone taken start of the year (because the lad had a fire arms marker on car) for about 8 weeks so did another lad he had enough on his to have us in deep deep shit hunting wise and id taken the wrong phone out with him and had some suspect texts ect non hunting related that could of landed me in alot of shit on there they was threatening how they could retrieve all my sent texts ect turns out they couldn't get into the phones and we got them back
  4. Yeh agree there I know a few lads Dogs that have been ripped up by them maybe Just the dogs in Worcester are soft skinned lol two mates dogs got kicked the shit out of by a roe buck and proper split them open and they have done a few yet iv seen my little dog mini get kicked in head repeated times and not think anything of it , the lad ain’t exactly into his teeth and antler he’s more of a rabbit man so I think maybe the processes of dispatching May of been delayed at some point was probs fannying about but dogs on the mend anyways
  5. Defo is bud he ended up going to a different vets went from £780 to £158 I dident think that was to bad 78 to put dog to sleep and £80 to fix her up did some damage to her dog and owner are eating the little f****r tonight anyway
  6. Yeh he’s had her to the vets bud reckons it’s cost him a fortune she’s had another gash on her side about 5” long aswell does Look nasty
  7. Nasty things them muntys my mate called me last night the little bitch I gave him after crash had a run in with a angry male
  8. dont mean nothing my little dog cowers from other dogs never seen him show 1 bit of aggression to another dog but will happily go jaw to jaw with a big dog fox no problem at all loves it wags his tail
  9. well done tyson knew wilder would come out with all the bull shit excuses
  10. http://www.hesgoal.com/news/60352/Boxing_-_Wilder_vs_Fury.html
  11. mini took after a fallow buck the one day through a wood one day on a walk and come back like this split right thought to the bone was a right b*****d to heal left a big hole there in the muscle now think she must of hit a log or sharp branch but you never know
  12. cool Animals muntys me and me mate had this one from around the grounds of a well known game game fair....few get about there,iv had a few does in the past and one real good buck but things went south and he never come home,i like the way they run get them out in the field they can spin like a hare....were did the pic of my roe heads go?
  13. cheers bud yh hes a handy little thing surprises a few he loves it
  14. great pics at i relay like the look of them strong type rough dogs another reason why i like the rough dogs smoth bull x see a good abit of work they look a mess hate having them in the car on nights out ect cant beat a good coat
  15. not 100 percent sure to be honest mate i just brought him as a beddy lurcher ,hes only a small dog 19-20 tts he does have a longer coat than that bit i gave him a trim lol hes been a very good little dog for me i only relay use him for retrieving as said not the best running style he means well and tries hes best but just lacks abit of pace on bigger land if anything goes straight line ,very head strong cant relay let him off the lead in the day as he dont rely switch off but hes hard as nails, i haven't got the land near me for big numbers but had 2 or 3 a night with him a couple of times a
  16. good thread,,still a few decent beddy x about i go out with a few bull x lads and id put my life on my little dog taking as much as them,dont get me wrong a big dog finish the job alot easier when he gets the right hold they dont last long plus prefer to see a little dog work only downside very short coupled looks fast but on a big land finds it hard to make up ground and lacks that extra gear
  17. Yes I am happy aslong as dog tries but what do you do if a dog is not intrested in your main quarry or does not have the heart as iv said my dogs are no saints my little dog has real bad broken toes and realy he's a Crap runner if anything goes more than a good few bends but if he gets hold he's the heart of a lion and if he's hanging off the back of something I know he's not letting go it's not bad dogs I don't like it's them not having heart or not keeping up with the runing
  18. havent lied about any dogs prove me wrong? do you know me or seen any of my dogs or do you know anyone thats brought a dog iv sold and its not done what iv said? if not then f**k off you wont get another reply from me
  19. you been on the site 10 years not once put a decent hunting post up just ten years of talking crap and giving people shit
  20. very funny grow up your supposed to be a man your moaning like a little baby youv put your point across not that i give a shit about it but your getting boring
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