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  1. Looking for a border dog pup from quality working lines if anyone can help ,had a oxcroft dog for twelve years which was a fantastic terrier but sadly died last year
  2. BORDER DOG PUP View Advert Hi looking for a quality border dog pup Advertiser picardy Date 14/03/20 Price Category Working Terriers  

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    Hi looking for a quality border dog pup


  4. Wanted for 2018 season, looking to get involved with a pheasant shooting syndicate around Shropshire, if anyone has any places available. Thanks for looking
  5. picardy


    Hi, I've got a Lincoln folder 3"magnum with a hush power silencer professionally fitted , which I don't really use if your interested?
  6. Hi looking for some ear defenders for clay shooting any recommendations please
  7. Looking for a new rough shooting coat as my seeland as just about give up on me. Needs to be 100% waterproof and breaththeable got a montanna that I use for pigeons and duck flighting which is fine but not much good for rough shooting as it tends to make you sweat .any recommendations pleasethe
  8. All the best with the dog fella hope all goes well
  9. Looking to get two new tyres for my rodeo in the near future got bfg ats at the present not long had the truck and ive been looking at various tyres grabbers bfg coopers etc the cheapest i can get the bfgs for £152 thats the cheapest i can find local fitted so are they really worth the money must say they look the b ll cks though . Will be using the truck on and off road so need all terrain.
  10. I would be interested in a pair too mate
  11. Thanks for all yours replys just watched a ranger tdci on ebay o7 plate went for just under 7k really like the rodeos as they seem to be comfy enough and reliable and 32 mpg which ticks all the boxes and also have had a look at a few td5s which are more expensive to buy but cant find one with decent milage within my budget i can get a 04 rodeo with about 70 k on clock for around 5, 6k but a td5 02 plate for over six what do you guys think
  12. Been looking at td5s for ages but i cant find one in budget with decent miles in my area or close would certainly go for one
  13. Thanks for the replys please keep them coming.Just been looking at the shogun sports with the lpg fiited seem good value for what you are getting but im not sure how reliable these lpg systems are ill see if i can find out some more info also theres talk of our new frendly goverment putting tax on lpg looks like there going to rob us every other way they can.
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