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  1. Somebody needs to catch some of them coons and send them over here to the u.k.
  2. Is anybody breeding small working jack russell’s next year? I have used patterdales in the past and a couple of jack russells but I like the white ones. thanks atb
  3. £500 quid for a cross breed? with a full pedigree it might be worth it but for working dogs such as terriers nobody wants to pay high prices and find the dog turns out to be no good.
  4. It’s alright asking stupid amounts but when people stop buying they will go back down. Hopefully people will wait and won’t pay stupid prices
  5. I will be looking for a pup off small working stock if anybody is breeding with both parents under 14” next year please PM me. Patterdale/ fell or Lakeland Thanks U.K. North East
  6. your a retard it’s just a question One guy had a hard jack russell but at 9 inches he took too much stick. why don’t you use your brain instead of stupid comments
  7. what’s the smallest terrier you’ve had to ground?
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