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  1. sirbeesting

    Working border types

    he's from a lad at Sudbury Derbyshire , he's got foxthorne, and conundrum mainly on his pedigree, but the lad works all his borders,he's as strong as an ox .
  2. sirbeesting

    Working border types

    Baxter 11mths and Millie 14 yrs she don't look bad still, hope Baxter works like she used too
  3. sirbeesting

    Who do you admire?

    Gouldy had some good working stock,a man from Derby ,ray anthony was a top terrierman ,also a man I met in Ireland mr cooney knew his stuff,there's a lad in Derbyshire now who is top draw for terriers and digging , not mentioning his name , just in case, but he's the best around and a good lad as well,never stops working his dogs.
  4. sirbeesting

    RIP Pendle... our old Border

    sorry to hear about your loss,good luck for the future.r.i.p.pendle
  5. sirbeesting

    bull o thorn show

    hi lads, any info on the bull o thorn show this year in derbyshire ? and any camping arrangements,cheers.
  6. sirbeesting

    ferrets to re-home

    i have two 13 week old jills to re-home and one vasectomised hob,im in derby can anyone help ,thanks.pm me for details.
  7. sirbeesting

    circumstance change

    due to a change in my circumstances i have two 13 week old jills ,1 polecat 1albino,and 1 vasectomised hob to re-home,im in derby area,can anyone help .asap, thanks.pm me for details.
  8. sirbeesting

    young ferret old hob

    can i house two 9 to 10 week old jill ferrets with a lot older vasectomised hob, or is this dangerous ?
  9. sirbeesting


    new shavings been in for a couple of weeks now instead of the sawdust and the hob seems fine.
  10. sirbeesting


    here's pyke
  11. sirbeesting

    Opinions on working staffords?

    working dogs,show or pet, the staffy is a classic in it's own right,but as for work underground to fox ,not in todays terrain.patts,russels,lakey's,borders,there the true subterrea workers of yester year and today .
  12. sirbeesting


    thanks folks the sawdust is out ,i'll let you know how it gets on ,cheers.
  13. sirbeesting


    thanks for the replies,the allergy one is intresting,ive just changed the shavings i had ,to some type of sawdust,i wonderd if it could be that ?