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  1. Thank you , my lad has his litter brother as well . Mother is a bull / whippet x greyhound , father is a line bred 5/8 3/8 bull grey
  2. Work and farm life dictates that my dogs are 99% run under the lamp . Having the farm is good because they stay fit by coming with me to see stock , I should probably walk more than just ride round on the quad though
  3. We run quite a variety , stone walls , Cornish banks ( basically earth and stone pilled up to form walls ) , forestry edge , moorland etc etc , some fenced with stock netting some with 3 strands of barbed wire . Dogs always do best on the unfenced fields with clean wall faces . Most of the fields are pretty small round us , our biggest at home is just over 5 acres and so don't give bigger dogs much chance . We have to travel a bit to get in to bigger ground but do find it helps to know the ground well as quarry can often go over a brow in a field and duck out of the beam.
  4. Thank you mate , certainly fingers crossed after the last one
  5. Fingers crossed , he is a bit ignorant but is certainly keen and my boy has his litter brother.
  6. My young fella , about 11 months now . Sire is 5/8th 3/8th , dam is bull whippet x grey .
  7. The first lurcher I owned was a collie x and would often look at rabbits it knew it had no chance of getting and wouldn't attempt to run them , if they were 50/50 he would quite often stalk down the side of the beam trying to gain ground before putting in the hard work of the chase . It was never a problem for me I think he was just a clever dog who was never too fast and had to use his brain more than all out speed . At the end of the day he caught really good numbers of rabbits and we rarely drew a blank , but he was also a great family dog , would go for miles with the missus beside her hor
  8. I had a lot of fun with my old one , bred similar 1st cross to 1st cross . Got him at about 18 months and he was absolutely useless for until he was about 3 , always seemed he couldn't control his legs or how fast they could go . He was never a world beater and it took ages for him to turn in a field but when he was motoring it was a sight , properly fast and the way he picked up rabbits was something special to watch . Good luck with your one he looks a nice pup .
  9. They look a good hardy pair . How are they bred please ?
  10. Lol... they are just in shadow mate
  11. Here's a few hinds from near me
  12. I dont think the hinds would be to much trouble as long as the dog could get on terms with them , the way he was talking he had had a few with the bitch . Some of the lowland stags I have seen though are monsters .
  13. I was chatting to a lad I have known for years the other night and the conversation turned to reds ( or pre ban reds as it was ) . He had a few tales . First he was sat in cover next to a hedge with his bitch 3/4 grey 1/4 bull as his mates were drawing a marsh with beagles to flush foxes through . He said he heard something big coming along the hedge line behind him and he thought it was going to be a moorland pony , a red hind launched itself off the wall next to him straight out into the open ground in front of him . He slipped the bitch and within about 100 yards the dog had the hind
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