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  1. Is Joe that bred the dogs still alive and running dogs then ?
  2. How big was Jack and did you see him work ?
  3. He reckons the bitch he had would of been 3/4 grey , so assume Jack over a pure grey , best dog he has ever had he says took everything and no reverse . Both parents of our 2 are well tested by all accounts so fingers crossed for them
  4. I am probably confusing you as well as I did my self . My mate had a bitch years back that was meant to be bred from Jack so half sister to Arthur ( thats where i got mixed up ) , he then put her to a dog called Floyd from Dorset way and also bred from Jack . This was how the father to our pups was bred . The mother of ours is a bit of an unknown , she is a greyhound x whippet bull that belongs to another mate , he got her from Wales but doesn't really know to much about her breeding , but is well pleased with her . Not trying to be the big I am quoting names etc just genuinely interested in the breeding side of things
  5. Not certain on the father but by recollection he must be at least 8 years old if not a bit more . The bitch is about 7 .
  6. Little bit of ferreting at the weekend , both growing well 16 and 18.5 kg respectively should make nice handy dogs
  7. I stand corrected on this , both the mother and father to my pups father were bred from Joe Smiths Jack not Arthur as I stated .
  8. Be interesting to know if anyone knew of the floyd dog which was meant to be Arthur's son and was from Dorset area .
  9. Sorry misread it , thought he meant Jack was put over a 1/4 bull bitch
  10. What was Jack then Bill ? 1/2 cross ?
  11. I spoke with the chap whose dog sired my 2 pups today and got on to how he is bred . He had the dam to his dog , she was a 3/4 grey 1/4 bull with the bull coming from Arthur lines ,by his account she was the best dog he had ever had , a once in a lifetime dog he reckoned , he put the bitch to a dog called floyd which was located through Jason Powell and also bred from Arthur . I am not really interested in the big name thing and I know for sure there were plenty of bull x out there doing a better job quietly , but I am interested to know how Arthur was bred if anyone knows and if anyone knows anything about the floyd dog ? Thanks in advance for any info
  12. I had a first cross deerhound greyhound up until a few years back . Got him a 18 months old as he didn't get on with the previous owners Alsatian dog . He was a fair lump of a dog and absolutely friggin useless at anything at first . He did however gradually get better , he was never going to be a great dog but he was half decent after I put some work into him . It was actually good to watch him on rabbits as his technique was entirely different from my other lurcher I had at the time , it's right they cant corner but once going straight he could really shift and he would just swoop in and snatch rabbits up without really slowing down . They are very slow to mature and he needed a firm hand , never liked other Male dogs but did give me hours of pleasure and he tried hard to please , which is all I could of asked for .
  13. Surely it should never be about what one man wants but what others know he should have
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