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  1. They look a good hardy pair . How are they bred please ?
  2. The weather soon changes up there that's for sure , could see snow on the peaks from where I was looking across. We did have a few flurries yesterday on Bodmin moor but didn't come to much .
  3. View across to Dartmoor from the tractor this morning.
  4. Lol... they are just in shadow mate
  5. Here's a few hinds from near me
  6. I dont think the hinds would be to much trouble as long as the dog could get on terms with them , the way he was talking he had had a few with the bitch . Some of the lowland stags I have seen though are monsters .
  7. I was chatting to a lad I have known for years the other night and the conversation turned to reds ( or pre ban reds as it was ) . He had a few tales . First he was sat in cover next to a hedge with his bitch 3/4 grey 1/4 bull as his mates were drawing a marsh with beagles to flush foxes through . He said he heard something big coming along the hedge line behind him and he thought it was going to be a moorland pony , a red hind launched itself off the wall next to him straight out into the open ground in front of him . He slipped the bitch and within about 100 yards the dog had the hind down and pinned by the throat , he was on hand in no time to dispatch it . Second time , out with his bitch again and 2 pups about a year old each , drawing a bit of rough ground a red stag got out from behind a couple of trees , not a massive stag but still a stag , said the bitch was on it in no time . right up on the back of its neck , the pups flanked it one each side and he said it pulled down and was over and done with in under a minute . The third, another stag , he said was a monster in some maize ground , slipped his bitch and a mates 1/2 cross on it , he said it took off and straight lined the dogs for speed but as it went to jump out of the field it hit the top of the hedge and fell back in to the field , he said it got up and the dogs pilled in one on a shoulder one on the rear leg , the stag kicked out and the leg dog was swatted away like a fly . With that the stag ran right at the lads with the one dog still holding on , they dived for cover , the shoulder dog lost its grip and the stag shot past over a hedge and into the forestry . He reckoned it was as intimidating as having a bull charging towards you and the noise was unreal .
  8. Our pups are fine with chickens , sheep , pigs , horses etc and yet put up a pheasant in the field and gave chase , funny how they seem to know what they are allowed to do already . And they have a fair bit of bull in them .
  9. Is Joe that bred the dogs still alive and running dogs then ?
  10. How big was Jack and did you see him work ?
  11. He reckons the bitch he had would of been 3/4 grey , so assume Jack over a pure grey , best dog he has ever had he says took everything and no reverse . Both parents of our 2 are well tested by all accounts so fingers crossed for them
  12. I am probably confusing you as well as I did my self . My mate had a bitch years back that was meant to be bred from Jack so half sister to Arthur ( thats where i got mixed up ) , he then put her to a dog called Floyd from Dorset way and also bred from Jack . This was how the father to our pups was bred . The mother of ours is a bit of an unknown , she is a greyhound x whippet bull that belongs to another mate , he got her from Wales but doesn't really know to much about her breeding , but is well pleased with her . Not trying to be the big I am quoting names etc just genuinely interested in the breeding side of things
  13. Not certain on the father but by recollection he must be at least 8 years old if not a bit more . The bitch is about 7 .
  14. Little bit of ferreting at the weekend , both growing well 16 and 18.5 kg respectively should make nice handy dogs
  15. I stand corrected on this , both the mother and father to my pups father were bred from Joe Smiths Jack not Arthur as I stated .
  16. Be interesting to know if anyone knew of the floyd dog which was meant to be Arthur's son and was from Dorset area .
  17. Sorry misread it , thought he meant Jack was put over a 1/4 bull bitch
  18. What was Jack then Bill ? 1/2 cross ?
  19. I spoke with the chap whose dog sired my 2 pups today and got on to how he is bred . He had the dam to his dog , she was a 3/4 grey 1/4 bull with the bull coming from Arthur lines ,by his account she was the best dog he had ever had , a once in a lifetime dog he reckoned , he put the bitch to a dog called floyd which was located through Jason Powell and also bred from Arthur . I am not really interested in the big name thing and I know for sure there were plenty of bull x out there doing a better job quietly , but I am interested to know how Arthur was bred if anyone knows and if anyone knows anything about the floyd dog ? Thanks in advance for any info
  20. I had a first cross deerhound greyhound up until a few years back . Got him a 18 months old as he didn't get on with the previous owners Alsatian dog . He was a fair lump of a dog and absolutely friggin useless at anything at first . He did however gradually get better , he was never going to be a great dog but he was half decent after I put some work into him . It was actually good to watch him on rabbits as his technique was entirely different from my other lurcher I had at the time , it's right they cant corner but once going straight he could really shift and he would just swoop in and snatch rabbits up without really slowing down . They are very slow to mature and he needed a firm hand , never liked other Male dogs but did give me hours of pleasure and he tried hard to please , which is all I could of asked for .
  21. Surely it should never be about what one man wants but what others know he should have
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