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  1. When I got 1 off him prob around 2002 I think they were advertised as ardinglass deerhound or something like that 1st Cross when got there was 1st Cross to 1st Cross mating I think just advertise to sell but seemed a nice fella
  2. Cheers mate ill get my mate to look im not on faceache
  3. Yea mate I dont like alot of white on the dog.think it stems from as a kid 1 of the old boys told me never get a white dog as there easily seen and its just stuck with me my mate had a white dog with just a black patch over its eye and was some dog but id never of picked it in a million years but was his first choice.everyone has different preferences
  4. Smart pups mate I do like my merles I know some dont like but always my first choice dont know why as the colour doesn't make the dog just always had soft spot for them my last 4 dogs were all blue merle
  5. I wouldnt dare fancy her you havnt met mi mrs I'd rather have a straightener with old bill
  6. But would of been posted to a man or a woman wasn't putting any body down and feck me some of the shite gets posted on here come on really!!
  7. No I say old boy as 60ish no he mooches about with his old 1 rabbiting ratting etc no earth work just likes getting about ever since I was a kid never known him without 1
  8. You think or maybe my post was just because the reply took 11 years nothing to do with it being a woman
  9. No but it will make beautiful fur babys .only 500 a studing as long as the pups go to there forever homes
  10. I bought mrs a apple one as she has iphone she never has it off says it's great.as I don't get on with iPhone and never wear watches as a rule I ended up getting a garming gt2 and it's bang on and came with a free like fitbit one with it which I wear for work I think around £120 for both from currys
  11. Hi does anyone know of any beddy terriers after a nice one not the lambs headed ones.know it's all secret squril if you know the right lads there's good ones about etc.dog or bitch doesn't matter it's for a old boy I know he lost his around 6months ago and he's lost without it.as was just him and dog went everywhere with him work everything so anyone in the know of any not silly money or any coming up please give me a shout
  12. Aldi have cheap jackets in at the minute about 12quid for a parka looking 1
  13. 10 month old and it hasn't done 3/3 on the fens yet or brought down 20 red stags in the Highlands or not doing 40/50 of them easy dale rabbits a night and teeth every second Tuesday!!! Nice little trip for him mate a nice couple of runs so penny drops hopefully next time you'll both get 1 and will be buzzing good luck with him pal
  14. My little lads wish list (6 year old). A pair of overalls and a pair of sheep slippers (means the ones what look to have sheep's wool inside) then when I've finished my graft I can take my overalls off and put my warm slippers on do you want anything else? No thanks are you sure you can ask santa for more if you want erm ok some shortbread and a pint of milk.hes like a old man haha he never wants anything
  15. I room has bay window then just chimney breasts will need the edging
  16. It will just be skimming mate all blue gritted ready no1 living there just have no time so it's trying to see if cost saves me doing it
  17. Hi was wondering if anyone could give me a rough estimate on how much it would cost to plaster a 3 bed terrace house being 2 large living rooms 1 large bedroom 1 small double and a attic and a gallery kitchen I know without measurements had to judge but just a good guesstimate will do
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