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  1. Managed a hour or so yesterday before it started raining. 1st time out for this year's kits and was very pleased with them.
  2. The couple of times she's been out with us she has been very keen pal
  3. I have exactly the same gun as this and can't recommend it enough. For the money you can't go wrong.
  4. Hi all, I'm just after a bit of help really. Basically I've been looking at getting a night vision set up for my rifles for a while now. I am looking at an add on set up so I can swap it between the 2 guns accordingly. I've looked at various different ones but the 1 I keep coming back to is the Nitesite Wolf. It seems a decent set up and would suit what I'd use it for. The rifles it would go on are a 22lr and 17hmr so a range of 200m would be plenty. Is there any other NV add ons out there for a similar price that I should be looking at? What are people's thoughts on the wolf? Thanks in advance, Dan.
  5. Nettle, my 7 year old working cocker bitch.
  6. Dan7626


    It's the same here, I had more jill kits than hobs which was lucky. The jills went relatively quickly but only managed to shift a few hobs. Not sure why as the hobs are little crackers and if they work as well as their dad they'll be spot on.
  7. So would you have to split them when it comes round to mating again? I've not kept more than 1 hob together before but am planning on keeping 2 hob kits together from a litter I had this year. Will that prove a problem come next March/April?
  8. So sorry to hear that. Never ever good to lose an animal, even worse when you have to break the news to young uns.
  9. I couldn't believe it when I first counted them all! There was 13 but 1 was born dead. Mum is starting to struggle now, she'll be glad to see the back of them all!
  10. Cheers pal, really pleased with them.
  11. 8 jills and 4 hobs, all in her 1st ever litter.
  12. I've got 2 3 year old sandy jills that are looking for a home and the moment. Very very quietand excellent workers. Free to a good home preferably a pet home as I need to free up some space. Gloucester Cheltenham area.
  13. Webley Vulcan carbine 22 air rifle Webley Premier 22 air pistol AYA Yeoman sxs shotgun BRNO Mod2 22 rifle CZ 452 American 17HMR rifle.
  14. 5 weeks old and eyes are open now. They've got a good appetite!
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