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  1. The dirty nogood badly bred gutless cowardly Sniveling grassing wankers
  2. They certainly wouldn't say it 2 your face Tyson Med us Bowles go just typing it
  3. How did you carry 8 rabbits when u were 6
  4. Tek 3 month to heal properly being a front 1 should be no problem had to have a back inside off me dog mid season it was pants Oh arr best off out the road else arthritis starts spreading up into the foot like
  5. I know about the ball game you young spunker
  6. I dont understand all this just a rabbit dog lark ty people tek it as an insult now days [BANNED TEXT] I was a nipper used 2 be pissed off 2 see the fox slopeing about putting the rabbits away just out of range of the halfords candle
  7. Right I'm grassing u up 2 the big fella for hurting my feelings u pig
  8. I have a bull terrier lurcher that does that only on rabbits tho I'm not over keen on it tbh
  9. Go for some money them real tree uns
  10. Well none on ya are proper dog men cos none on ya own lamping frocks Well apart from penda but he always copies me and he dyes his pubes
  11. Yep woke up 2 one or 2 of that description after a swift couple of ales
  12. Copy of slack grannies more like
  13. Think trunk is still on here but different name I wont say what it is as I have 2 protect folks animinity in my line of work Plus I might be wrong
  14. That broken coated un looks a strong Birra kit d
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