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  1. Yes I have asked him and didn’t want nothing to do with it
  2. Tuxford way on mate can travel but not miles
  3. Long shot I know but does anyone know of a raw meat suppliers near ng22 as my local pet shop charge a arm and a leg for it
  4. This is here leg now looks to be healing well and thanks everyone for the info
  5. Thanks allot for your help what are the best ways on building the strength in her leg back up again
  6. I have a 10 month old lurcher she had a displaced fracture on her rear leg from falling into a rabbit hole while running the vet put wire round her bone it’s now been 6 weeks since that and you can even tell she broke it just wondering if anyone has ever run there dog after and will she be able to come out lamping with me in the future any help appreciated
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