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  1. if you mate your joe bloggs line with a fred smith out cross does it not become a bloggs /smith and your the breeder ... yes it does but joe bloggs or fred smith would not put there name to it some would even say its not out of my stuff your best just breeding from someones hard work and still 5 to 6 gens saying your just the breeder
  2. when you out cross its no longer anyones line but your own but i would say you would have to keep that line you have made and breed for 4 to 5 gens and could take 20 years plus to test them right just what i think
  3. dont think he wants a pack of beagles if he is hunting brambles and thick cover he is better with a cross that gives voice and is not gone 10 fields away spaniels for me with out crossing are two bizzy at times beagle x rusell with a touch of spaniel are the best ive seen work cover
  4. I like them to give voice on a line and in cover gives the lurcher a better chance of knowing where things are going to come out
  5. 95% of dog's you buy from someone dont turn out the way you want them and not a lot of people sell good dog's there is allways somthing wroung with them but everyone has diffrent standards
  6. best bitch i ever owned pic was taken about 25 years ago still grade dogs on her now
  7. i wont lie to you mate the bitch needs to be on her own, she's very highly strung. i have 3 wheaten's and none of them cross each others path, the closest they get to seeing each other is from behind closed doors
  8. Wheaton bitch for sale 3 year old very game £300 pm for more details Halifax
  9. Fell and moorland working terrier show is on sunday 15th july in Halifax on the A629 from Halifax to Keighly kickoff is at 12 o clock postcode HX28XX the Venue is at Causeway Foot Pub
  10. dont think i would put a good brood bitch over a dog i new nothing about and had not dug to my self your best buying a well bred bitch pup good look in finding one
  11. they will be know harder or gamer than some of the black stuff over here you get big dogs in them too know diffrent dont think there is anything wroung with the stamp of dog in the uk and over the water tbh and i dont think they got anything to offer to the terriers we have here
  12. For sale Barryvox pulse locator and bellman and flint collar the barryvox has never been used brand new in the box and collar has only been used the one time im in west yorkshire £300 pm me
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