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  1. Hi Mark. Welcome to THL site
  2. Hi Guys. Has anyone got for sale Andrew Edwards "Fox Hunting With Lurchers By Day (Part 2 ) dvd. Please pm me with details. Thanks
  3. Hi. Have the Andrew Edwards dvd's been sold? Thanks
  4. If you leave a post in the lurcher forum hopefully someone on there is looking for a partner. Unfortunately I am down in West Wales. Best of luck!!
  5. Hi OH. Just wondering what you were in to hunting wise. You could try one of the other THL forums. Worth a go !!
  6. Hi and welcome to THL site. I hope you can team up with someone down your way
  7. Good dogs, good mates! Look after them they are priceless
  8. BSA sniper, better off introducing yourself on your own post!!!!
  9. Hi RF. Thank you for your reply. Looking forward to reading it
  10. Fair play to you Neil Cooney must have been so exciting though a real adrenalin rush. Wish I had been there
  11. Well done Young Joe can't fault it!!
  12. I agree with the others STAY SAFE !!
  13. Hi. Darencross I have the utmost respect for you. I follow a foot pack and spend some of the time with the three terrier boys and know how difficult some of the digs are although to be honest there are no easy ones really. Good for you top man
  14. Hi. Anyone out there got a copy of Lyn Harbers TRY BACK LADS, TRY BACK ( volume 1 ) for sale. Please contact me with any information. Many Thanks
  15. HI BARRYB. Welcome to THL site
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