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  1. Hi everyone I've recently moved to nailsea and am looking for some advice. I've been out hunting a couple of times with my dads friend in Wiltshire. Since then he's moved to New Zealand so I've lost that information line. I'm 29 and looking to join someone on a shoot. Not necessarily to shoot myself but to get advice from people. I'm giving my Weirauch HW77 a full strip and service so can't shoot for a while anyway. I'm looking at joining someone on a shoot who can give me tips in the field, personal conduct and general advice. I'm thinking if i join someone in the field, I could carry gear or help where I can in return for advice whilst out
  2. Hi there Where abouts is your shoot in somerset? I've just moved to north somerset and trying to find out what there is in the area
  3. Hey guys What is parsnip wine like? We've recently moved and i've got plans of growing in the garden. I'm thinking eating half and brewing with fruit and veg from the other half. Also have you tried banana wine? I was walking through asda the other day and saw a lot of them reduced as they were bruised and brown. I looked up a recipe and it looks really easy so thought it might be worth a go
  4. Hi Brooklin I'm in a similar situation to yourself. Just getting back in to shooting after having a few years off and moved to nailsea. I need to refurb my weirauch hw77 as its been in the garage being neglected for too long. I'm planning on joining the range in Mendip to get my skill level up before thinking about heading out knocking on doors. Let me know how you get on
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