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  1. H. Welcome to THL site. Only thing has worked for me on a wary "Charlie' is night vision ( baiting helps)
  2. Hi. Welcome to THL site. I do hope someone will help out
  3. HI TC. Couldn't agree with you more. As I said I am only just into the book and he has my attention instantly and there are not many that can do that. Cheers
  4. Hi NC. Thanks for your comment. Read a few pages but got no time to sit and get in to it. What I have read is really, really good. Cheers
  5. Hi. Anyone got a copy of "Now thats What I Call Lurcherwork (iii) for sale. Please PM me with details.
  6. Hi. You could try listing a post on the Dog Health and training talk site. Hopefully someone can help you on there. Good luck
  7. Hi Fonzy. Welcome to THL site
  8. Hi Twrch. Welcome to THL site from a fellow "taff"
  9. Hi Rick. Welcome to THL site. I do hope someone takes you up on your offer! Only trapping I am hooked on is the Alaskan TV programmes that are broadcast here.
  10. Hi Johnno. I used to find face to face used to work for me. Had loads of refusals mind but used to feel chuffed if you got one or two on the day. My advice put in over in such a way that you will be doing them a favour and always be polite even if you are boiling up inside. Keep trying and good luck to you both.
  11. P.s The very best of luck to you in the voting stages
  12. Hi guys. Anyone got a genuine copy of Andrew Edwards "Fox Hunting With Lurchers" (part 2). I already have 1,3 and 4 but never seen 2. Please pm me with any info. Many thanks
  13. Thanks Woods. I was hoping to get a genuine one rather than a copy as the others I have are not copies, but I had the rest off Ebay and had them for a reasonable price
  14. Hadn't thought of Mr Pitt. Thanks for that
  15. They are asking £15 plus £2 postage. I think that is from Andrew himself
  16. Got 1,3 and 4, but not 2. I know he uses the merle dog in his other dvd's. Good to watch
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