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  1. stop.end no need to be harsh, just asking a question is all.
  2. As i said in my first post the job fell in my lap and im by no means a proffesional, your right its part time. Feel silly for asking now but ive always been told the only stupid question is one not asked. cheers anyway guys, great help
  3. Alright yer but i can shut him away more easily, but i appreciate the advice. Only signed up for this half our ago and already replies a plenty, cheers
  4. Cheers guys, lee, i would like a spaniel but the temprement doesnt do well for me at the mo, weve got an old collie and i want something that can stay out of his way and wont bother him too much.
  5. Hi all! I am a bit of a rare sight, im a keeper and I have no dog! My current situation doesnt allow me to keep a larger dog and I can only just get away with a terrier. I keeper a small shoot and I could really do with a dog for dogging in/basic beating. I was thinking parson russel? Any tips or advice would be nice, im only a young and the job fell in my lap before i was ready really! Cheers all
  6. Hello, thought ide introduce myself, seems to be the done thing. Keeper on small shoot in somerset. Cheers !
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