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  1. Like the black & white 1 as well as the place & tan rough haired 1
  2. Do they open up much when hunting? And they look a handy x for the hills and open land
  3. Thank nice DC what’s it like hunting to train, to kennel
  4. Some cracking looking bushed and a great thread. Does anymore work or have pictures of a hound x collie? or hound x lurcher? Thank you in advance
  5. Dis was is a character. I lived and worked with him for a season or 2 and enjoyed every minute of it
  6. Anyone still working and breeding these as I’m after a pup and can’t find any anywhere. Thanks
  7. Permission forms View Advert Hi all can anyone tell me where I can get permission forms from ? Or if anyone has any spare 1s I can buy . Thanks Advertiser darencross Date 20/04/19 Price Category Working Terriers  
  8. Well bred terrier View Advert Hi all I’m on the look out for a young terrier to start or a pup to bring on . As my old dog is more or less retired and a young bitch I have had quit cold . I’m willing to pay right price for the right bitch or pup . If anyone can help me I’d be most appreciated . Pm me thanks Advertiser darencross Date 31/03/19 Price £400.00 Category Worki
  9. Hi all any lads from Doncaster running bushing dog ?
  10. Very true glyn. I’ve done the same . And when I’ve been stuck for stock nobody has anything . I would rather pay the price for top line dogs than rely on the so called mates to help me out as I did and have done
  11. Hi all just a question . How many chances would u all give a dog / bitch if it failed the first time ? Been reared from a pup. Been out tided up to watch older dogs working . Then the time comes for the youngster .
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