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  1. Got to be worth a try!! I hope someone on this site who lives close to you is looking for someone to get out with. Best of luck mate
  2. Duck shooting all the kit ready and waiting for the boys to pick me up, two hours got to where we were going NO GUN. Phoned missus she wasn't too pleased getting out of bed to tell me gun was in case standing by the front gate post. Age thing I think!!!!!!!
  3. Memories some good some bad of dogs we have lost and friends we have lost but we all have them. Close our eyes and they are there again. Good post thanks
  4. Nice one coverdogs. Watched it last night glass of whisky and warm memories. Thanks
  5. Due to unforseen circumstances I am now prepared to accept £500 for the vehicle number plate FE11 FOX. Please pm me if interested
  6. Hi. Welcome to THL site from Wales. Dog is a good looker
  7. Hi. Welcome to THL site
  8. Hi Ian. Welcome to THL site from Wales
  9. Nice one Baz rain has been a pain in the a**e down here too. Scent has improved and Charlie is not going far before he goes to ground
  10. Sounds like a nightmare Meeks but we all have them, it will get better. Hope the dog is fighting fit soon
  11. Hi. Welcome to THL site from Wales. Hope someone can help you out
  12. This number plate FE11 FOX was bought off the DVLA website for £700 but is valued at double that! I am open to offers
  13. That is good news raynardman. Good on the guys who did it to him. There ARE many ways to skin a cat (legally)
  14. Well done raynardman for clearing up what really happened. Along with neil cooney I wish you all the best of luck getting justice. We are all behind you
  15. Yes pablo I totally agree with you once again
  16. Fu**in right enough BlackBuck with you all the way mate
  17. Can you say honestly they WERE worrying sheep cos were you there??
  18. Yes same here pablo we also hunt on foot, they have always had exceptional hounds and also they are all round good hunting people. My Xmas wish is they have young hounds coming on which will do the hounds they have lost proud
  19. I think we will need hounds with fu**in webbed feet pablo with the amount of rain we are having down here!! I had a feeling they would be their best hounds so so sad
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