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  1. Enjoyed that! Dog done well fair play
  2. Scent is improving after a bad spell. Glad to hear you are getting some time out. No snow down here YET Baz. Happy hunting , keep safe
  3. For sale vehicle registration FE11 FOX on retention. Never been fitted to a vehicle. Please PM me with any sensible offers please.
  4. Sounds really hard going. Only stone to contend with down here in Wales. Bet its saving you a fortune in gym fees all this body building
  5. Hi. Welcome to THL site. What you into or does your name give a clue lol
  6. Yes fair play milliken I can understand where you are coming from. Best Wishes and good hunting from Wales
  7. You have got to admit there are more foxes shot working with hounds than caught by them
  8. Don't think farmer's down my way would want foxes excercising, they want them dead. I'm with you Baz and Ratface
  9. Hi. Welcome to THL site. Ten out of ten to your grandfather
  10. Hi. Welcome to THL site. Glad your back on the hunting scene
  11. Really enjoyed that, cracking pictures, cracking dog. Give us more and keep safe
  12. Good mates, good dogs and now good women, can't fault them. Brilliant neil cooney
  13. Thank God I have never been in that situation, i must have been extremely lucky with my choice of mates "All for one and one for all". I would be honoured to have those that have left replies before me as digging partners "Respect" to all of you!!
  14. Hi. Welcome to THL site. Try the lurcher section hope someone can help
  15. Look after them Pick and Bar, there are so many against us we are so lucky to stand together when needed. Brilliant
  16. Good looking dog mate. Never mind what others say the dog is doing you proud and that what counts
  17. Hi lads. I have now bought a copy. Thanks RH took your advice and looked at Countrymans Weekly and bought a copy from Melbourne Books
  18. Hi. Welcome to THL site. I can only suggest books, there are some good ones out there. I read some early Jemima Parry Jones ones but now there is a a good choice. You can't beat practical personal advice and I do hope there is someone on the site who can assist you
  19. Time and patience Meeks! Nice looking dogs fair play!
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