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  1. Copy of the second book just went out on fleabay for more than Mr Darcy is asking
  2. Haiddheliwr


    That was really educating stuff! Notice the guys don't get so much as an itch on their pipes!!
  3. Hi. Welcome aboard mate
  4. I think they assassinated the lynx
  5. Latest from Borth zoo! Another lynx was accidentaly strangled while in the process of transferring it to another cage or enclosure! Looks bleak for them
  6. He is in a no win situation Mackem! Damned if he did and damned if he didn't and something bad happened
  7. Pictures of him on Wales online! Don't think I would want it advertised
  8. If not killing you it could cause some serious damage
  9. If it were cornered I think it would be a formidable opponent with the upper hand considering the claws and teeth at its disposal
  10. Get the same problem myself Francie so frustrating and annoying
  11. An article two days ago said they are going to use a heat seeking drone in the search
  12. I think it was around a week or so Jiggy give or take a day or two!
  13. I remember reading one of the shooting magazines of a guy that remained anonymous who had shot a "beast" as he called it and buried it! Not prepared for the controversy or publicity that would obviously come with it!
  14. Looks like one of the traps I got! It is the closed end the bait is tied to the wire which you can just make out!
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