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  1. Does anybody know where I can get Daystate Wolfpack decals?
  2. TX200 for me, no debate. IMHO the Prosport loses out on looks. Next HW77. Mine's nearly as good as the TX but it's taken a lot of practice that the TX didn't. HW99s Great little rifle straight out of the box. Strange that such a light rifle is so accurate contrary to what you hear about weight adding stability. HW97KT. Sorry folks but I just can't get any consistency from mine.
  3. I use JSB express, Exact 4.53 and Heavies in my TX. All work really well.
  4. It might be worth trying a RFD as Weihrauch make a silencer for hw77 which also has open sights.
  5. What size/type fitting do you need?
  6. Do they scrub lead out of the barrel?
  7. It’s weird how hard they hit given they’re only a tad heavier than JSB
  8. Yes I know, they've gone up since I bought them. They're not that good.
  9. Rez, Box of 1250 Crossman Premier 10.5gr (doesn't say head size) £20.29
  10. Will do, I'm on the website at the moment to see if they still sell them.
  11. I'm not sure of the head size till I dig them out in the morning. Rez, They are a bit tight but not too bad. Like I said before, I can't do a fair accuracy test with the wind as it has been recently. I've got a tin of Barracuda Match to try next, Maybe a bit controversial, a while ago I gave Crossman Premiers a bash in my 97. JS Ramsbottoms sell them in boxes of 1250. I can't remember the price but they were cheap. These were very tight and were a pain to load. I put them through a TbT sizing die to 4.51. I was very impressed with the accuracy. I don't know the range of sizes they make but 4.50 might be worth a go.
  12. I decided to try these pellets in my HW77 today. 1st impressions are really good. They seem to punch through the wind better than JSBs. They also smack pretty hard. The inconsistent wind meant a fair accuracy comparison was not possible. I tried them in my TX200 but they were not quite as good. Has anyone else got any thoughts?
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