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  1. Jonnyb6161

    Finally found it

    Not my cup of tea but hope you get on with it
  2. Jonnyb6161

    100yd plink

    Good shooting, now try it with a springer.
  3. Jonnyb6161

    That’s it, Brexit is over

    What this demonstrates is the utter contempt the "elites" feel for ordinary people when the only true democratic vote we've had in my adult life, can just be ignored. If they had any idea that the people would actually have the temerity to vote against their "advice", no way they would have let us have a Referendum. "It was a close vote so we need to do it all again!", we hear. But if the vote was 1 in favour of Remain, it would have been a dead issue for at least another generation. "I think the people have changed their minds!", we hear. Who are they asking? In all my 54 years on this planet, I have not, nor do I know anyone who has been asked for an opinion that matters. All we get is the biased Mainstream (Fake News) Media wheeling out the Doom mongers to scare us. What they have actually achieved is to piss people off with their patronising, condescending attitudes (we are too thick, uneducated bigots to understand the issues). What we do understand is that they are looking after their own selfish interests and screw the rest of us. Yes I agree than nobody really knows how things would work out but that doesn't stop them lecturing us about the impending disaster. May is a remainer. She has the right, like the rest of us. The problem is, she stood for the leadership promising proper Brexit. She has shown herself as a liar and a coward and as such, she has no trust from the electorate and should have the decency to go with a little dignity and stop destroying the Tory Party apart. If not, then we will be run by a Communist Government for the forseeable future. If people think that we can just go back to the way it was is deluding themselves. I would put money on us losing our rebate and all the opt-outs that we currently have and we would have even less influence than we have now. The EU would know that the UK hasn't got the balls to follow through with our threats. It's time for everyone to accept the Democratic Vote, cut out all the negative scaremongering and work together to make this former great country succeed. Rant Over
  4. Jonnyb6161

    That’s it, Brexit is over

    That treacherous witch May should be beaten to death with a sock full of shit!!
  5. Jonnyb6161

    ATN X Sight 2

    How do you go about mounting it for eye relief?
  6. Jonnyb6161

    That’s it, Brexit is over

    I've now decided to stop voting because plebs vote mean nothing. Being an uneducated Northern Racist/ everything else"ist" I need to be told what to think and say.
  7. Jonnyb6161

    Hawke Sidewinder 30 FFP scopes

    I can't disagree with the weight, especially on the TX200, which is heavy already. On the other hand it is spot on for accuracy.
  8. Jonnyb6161

    Out today

    Agreed, but it's really nice to see your target fly.
  9. Jonnyb6161

    Out today

    Tried JSB Express today. They were a little bit more accurate at 50m but the heavies have a lot better smack. More testing is needed to make a final decision. Very happy with both. Next to test are the Monsters. Tin on way.
  10. Jonnyb6161

    Out today

    I've got a tin to try when the heavy tin is finished but I'm so surprised at how accurate the heavies are, I don't want to change anything until I need to. I went down the range the other day and was having a good day. I thought I'd give the heavies a go. 3 shots to work out the holdover and I struggled to miss at 50m.
  11. Jonnyb6161

    Out today

    I've been using heavies through my TX. They add half a Mildot holdover at 50m. I found them very accurate (better than 8.44 exact or AA Fields). They also smack much harder. I'll probably switch to these when I've used up all the rest. I reckon they're better than Bisley Mags (IMHO).
  12. I,m thinking of investing. Anybody got any experience? Please give any opinions.
  13. Jonnyb6161

    new springer advice

    Hate to disagree with Mark Williams about the Remington Express. At my local range, I've met loads of guys who have bought Expresses and only one who kept it. To a man, they found the trigger awful and so it;s difficult to become consistent. Most of them tried the HW99. All have loved them. £50-£60 for a reasonable scope and Bob's your Uncle.
  14. Jonnyb6161

    new springer advice

    HW99, light, accurate and can be used without a scope.
  15. Jonnyb6161


    Eyoyo from Amazon. £65-£75. Works pretty well.