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  1. View Advert Custom Crossman 2260 (for sale or swap) I have for sale or swap a Crossman 2260 custom build with everything new 18”barrel,all new internals new tube wide trigger fitted new co2 cap the riflehas been totally renewed apart from the stock comes with a 3x9-56 scope also has silencer the gun is totally mint. THIS RIFLE IS FOR SALE OR LOOKING TO DO A SWAP WITH A DECENT SPRINGER RIFLE THAT I CAN USE FOR SMALL GAME AND VERMIN IE RABBITS AND RATS Pigeons STUFF LIKE THAT Advertiser paulburns75
  2. View Advert CROSMAN 1377 PUMPER Just bought a crosman 1377 it’s had a few mods but my back plays up after playing with it for a bit red dot Folding stock aluminium adapter for folding stock with power adjuster flat piston n valve spare flat top piston Gmac steel breach Upgraded port Extended breech pin Hirdhawk wooden fore grip I am looking to sell this item or may be open to swaps for another rifle would ideally like to do the deal face to face but if needs be I can post
  3. Anyone else from Middlesbrough area 

    1. Stavross


      Me and longshanks are both from Stockton 👍

    2. IanB



  4. Thanks people great site glad to be part of your group
  5. Hi all am paul 42 years old from Middlesbrough in North Yorkshire into shooting and also restoring or trying to restore old rifles give them a bit more life 

  6. Thanks hopfully somthing will come up i been out driving round farms and land talking to people but most are coverd by game keepers or have people already but there must be someone out there willing to give someone a start hopfully
  7. Hi all was just wondering if anyone knows of anything going around the Teesside area I could go shooting for rabbits,rats,pigeons and other vermin looking more of finding some place that I can set up a hide as have back probs and find it hard to walk over distance I do have my shooting insurance and am using a Hatsan at44 really wanting to further my shooting it gets a bit boring after a bit shooting at the local range. Hope to speak to you guys soon many thanks paul
  8. Hi all just wanted to pop in and introduce my self I am paul 42yrs young living in Middlesbrough in the northeast been shooting for a few years now started of as a teen playing with my gat gun then got back into it a few year back with the trusted crosman 2240/2250 ratcatchers. I have been going to my local shooting range for some time now and now wanting to move on to shooting small game and vermin like rats,rabbits,pigeons so got myself a HATSAN AT44 PCP rifle as well as a few other golden oldie bsa rifles and a Walther cp88 pistol. as well as the shooting side I have got int
  9. hiya all my name is paul am from beechwood in middlesbrough was browsing on the web for info on ferrets and came across your site and it looks realy good. anyone in the area that i live or even close by that has a intrest in ferrets or that can help me with some questions that i have could you please message me need a bit of help thanks and hope to speek to you all soon
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