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  1. The shireman

    Hale vetenary Group

    Free lined with a pop up mate, Suface fishing. She won’t go anywhere near fishing stuff nowadays.
  2. The shireman

    Hale vetenary Group

    Free lined with a pop up mate, Suface fishing. She won’t go anywhere near fishing stuff nowadays.
  3. The shireman

    Hale vetenary Group

    My bitch swallowed a hair rigged boilie, couldn’t get the thing out for the life of me. Was worried it was lodged in, So cut the line with a decent length, took her in, and they suggested they should remove it surgically, so me with the best interests of the bitch in mind agreed, only to get a phone call 3 hours later to say the operation was a failure, as when they went in, it went back up into her oesophagus, but not to worry because she should pass it with ease, “why not say that in the first place”? but it will be £500 for my trouble, but don’t worry we will X-ray her for free in a couple of weeks, just to check it’s passed. Probably their conscience kicking in, Fair to say their were a few heated words when I picked her up, never did go back for the X-ray, and she was fine a couple of weeks later. Decent vets are worth their weight in gold.
  4. The shireman

    Can my lurcher run again ??

    In my experience I’d say it’s all very Circumstantial, ie what ground your working over, if it’s healed well, I know of a mates black bitch that completely snapped her two front legs and she’s turned out to be one of the best allrounders ive ever seen she picks up on shoots, ferrets, run all night on the lamp, the list goes on, I say Take it slow through spring and summer, and starting building her up really slowly at the end of August for the season ahead, and who knows? Hope this helps and it all works out.
  5. The shireman

    Only one ???

  6. The shireman

    No vote on Hunting Ban repeal says PM

    What ban?
  7. The shireman

    Rabbiting Dogs

    Couldn’t have said it better mate, seen brilliant whippety dogs run on rabbits and also good bull crosses match them, but a small rabbiting dog won’t get stuck in to the big gear all night like the bull crosses will, not saying they won’t, and pre ban I’ve seen Bedo whippets get stuck into some right gear, but I’ve also seen em doubled up with a big bull cross swinging a big dog fox round with the Bedo/whippet attached , rabbit dog, in my eyes is dog that’s capable of the job in hand .
  8. The shireman

    Rabbiting Dogs

    My young bitches first proper season, and she’s doing ok, steadying our nice over a warren, and the penny has finally dropped lamping after much despair . Her dam was: saluki collie grey... and sire: a good grew (whippet greyhound)
  9. The shireman

    Let's See Your Phone Shots !!

    i Just use the camera mate no settings or anything .
  10. The shireman

    Can’t make it out

    Get a good Boneman run his hands over the thing, you’d be surprised some off the injuries they carry
  11. The shireman

    Jeff Burrell - disgusting (allegedly)

    “When to chase and not to chase” , c*nt wants sectioning.
  12. The shireman

    Fast ground

    I think it’s got a lot to do with how much hammer the grounds had, as much as the terrain, A rabbit that’s been ran before has no qualms with hitting hedge lines at full tilt, even the fastest of dogs will struggle on some of the ground I walk, my own Pot licker included, Yet if I travel abit it’s a completely different story.
  13. The shireman

    Collie/Grey x Whippet

    This is my bitch collie whippet grey, to a collie whippet grey with touch of suluki On the dams side, and she’s turned out more whippety than anything at 23 inch.