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  1. Well old fella, yr gone. Dug with the man in the eighties, when it was proper hot. See ya on the other side..
  2. I no longer post to this site, however I watch. I saw Smithy several times at work, he was a very big lump of a dog. Not kept at a sporting weight as he was always kennelled, tall as yr knees. I saw him on couples let up the block end and staked down. Yes he was hard, but never ever saw him dug to, and as we know, any can be brave above ground, I saw him always the above. As were several other marvelous digging "STUD" dogs. That have now got fame. Yeah ! Great ten foot dig to a never mentioned whatever bitch but these inflated gladiators were all that got mentioned. They were all at it, p
  3. Been to Essex tday, 4 hrs each way. We've had a chat, no more from me on here. Sorry I shot off half cocked, I'm a grown man and I'm sorry!! It was ill tempered and wrong, the man that gave me the info will also be having my pleasure tmw.
  4. PUBLIC apology to FD, YOU are not Mr M#####n from Essex so I'm told. I'm not Mr B either for those others, no more from me sorry to have stirred a hornets nest. " really pissed at what's just happened" on my ground. My mistake...
  5. I'm not going to argue with all these experts!!!!; at 1545 hrs with 2.8 on the box and a rough digging dog at the sticky enf. Only me to to answer for...
  6. Thanks chaps, deleted what I could, no more from me bye bye.
  7. Sorry RH why is that where they end????and not to breed from???
  8. JP is a true legend, the man has a depth of knowledge to mistify the gods. To see him work and dig to a dog is special, I've yet to see anyone jell with a dog like him. Old Mick from the 80s was his twin I'm sure, he spoke to the dog like a person, urging him on with his work. To see JP handle stuff at the end would scare folk to their boots. Grand man with enough stories to fill a book. To see him and GM dancing in fell boots, drunk as skunks, terriers on couples tied to there belts, the bride and groom in raptures. Wonderful memories.
  9. OK whatever,! No body understands some posts. As a coloured dog entbusiast, this line of white dogs, is tougher than any black,chocolate red line I have ever seen. " pabs you have no idea" Saw a bitch never bay yday for two hrs or more.
  10. Only saw two that had it, dug to one and helped repair it several times after. An old oxcroft rocket dog in the early 80's worked like my solid blacks of the time. " lots if grunting" Loverly dog to handle, just sat there.
  11. They are there, still doing it better than any new fashion of name,black,chocolate, green,blue whatever.
  12. Had one go go mad hard, but another that had no interest with work or for work when cubs were about. Mothering and instinct kicked in.
  13. Sooner or later it will happen and its always yr best dog that's dragged into it.," for me always on their own," Miserable as it seems. Also easier to take one out and leave others at home.
  14. Always sad to see em go, we only think of them at their best!! Glorious when we see off spring coming on working exactly as they did and rightfully so!!!Thinking I've got it right. How the yrs pass, what was a puppy all of a sudden is yr main dog and then a veteran in a blink. Nice post from someone who cares!!! Thanks.
  15. Amen to that!! " sense on THL" can't see it catching on.
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