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  1. whippet 99

    Digging Kit

    I often take a mate too talk shite too, its never the dogs fault , always something wrong with the quarry when it goes wrong , which is quite often and I always carry anal beads
  2. whippet 99

    Working After Litter

    After readi g the comments , glad too say shes backtoo her normal self had a couple with her , I will hold my hands up its a lesson learnt , myfault , hormones allover the shot, mixedgrill and mary , go fuk your selfs ...........................
  3. whippet 99

    Working After Litter

    Thanks for the comments , , dilly dog she worked the earths brilliantly , , and was baying in one of the earth and then it bolted, literally straight away , just don't make sense with the drains , ,she would be screaming too get inn , will give her the chance she deserves
  4. whippet 99

    Working After Litter

    Cheers. General , been frustrating but she's been a good dog , and I got lost in the moment , treating her like a robot , live and learn , hopefully she will get that desire back
  5. Got a bitch here about 3years old had a litter , tried her back too work , ,I'm guessing too early , , she seems too of lost that keenness , she would scream too get in an earth which has been marked , anyway she has left too in drains , admittedly she couldn't of got too them through obstruction, one had debri inn and the other was partially collapsed , but I thought she would of been keen too try and get on instead of coming out , had a bit of bad luck with her as in the last two earths where it bolted before she really worked them hard , she had a big litter and I'm guessing her head is a bit all over the shit with hormones , in the pass she never let me down , I will give her time and try her again , just wondered on any other exsperiences , , ; her pups would be about 11 weeks now , she was dried up but a little saggy , frustrating and I'm sure I have t gave her enough time , she had nine pups , it must of beat her about a bit , any advice would be good Cheers
  6. whippet 99

    Foxs In Strange Places

    pre ban hounds marked in a bramble patch , thought it was under some tin or rubbish as the farm was littered with rubbish too our likeing as we always found there . after battling through the bramble we found an old wooden wardrobe , it took us a while too open the door as the brambles were so thick , the wardrobe was on its back led down and the door faceing the sky , we managed too open the door and could see Charlie , it was a reflection in the mirror which was inside the wardrobe , there was one single hole going into it in a corner , weather it was led up in the bramble or in the wardrobe we will never know but it was pretty funny seeing him in the reflection in the mirror , we found them in derelict caravans under tin , under rsj-s , trees (seen three come out the top), common in barns , derelict buildings , stacked pipes , cars which are overgrown with bramble ,tyre dumps very cunning animals
  7. whippet 99


    this bitch has a common condition , its pedlaritis lol
  8. whippet 99

    Reeces Billy Lines

    seen a few bull crosses and yet judgement made , nobody seen half whats about , me included
  9. whippet 99

    Road Legal Or Agri Reg Farm Quad Wanted.

    ive got me road legal 07 plate Honda 2 wheel drive for sale , will chuck in terrier box if want , honestly has never let me down pm me for number , yours for 1800 , wanted 2000, new tyres
  10. whippet 99

    Starter For Season

    never judge a book by its cover , lovely looking pup but enter safely , good potential dogs ruined too early and too much on there plate no matter how well they look and keen . only a good man can judge what is pushing over the line , good luck
  11. whippet 99

    Pics Of The Pups ......

    some interesting colours there , great litter , was the vet right with numbers?
  12. whippet 99

    Anabolic Steroids.

    hard work ????? symmonds reckons you couldn't bend over too pick up a shovel lol
  13. whippet 99

    Anabolic Steroids.

    testosterone nearly as good , great for muscle growth makes your penis big and gives you the edge in the gym . roids are very common in some gyms and its easy too detect whos on them , ive been hitting gym nearly three years now and I see people come and go , see young lads pump up quick but too loose it even quicker on the gear , some bad side effects , body and mind. maskes me laugh how they think lifting heavy going too make them bigger , technique and intensity is the key . some small lads can press way above me there arms like sticks but they seem too think its going too work . muscle growth I think is better too exert the muscles by doing three sets upping the weight each set and 8-15 reps , some do three sets 5-10 with heavy weights which I think waste of time different things for different people , its up too individual if they want too cheat , they look u down in the gym , but I look them down later in life ,.. I would steer well clear from them , its bad news
  14. any one want too sell .22 pistol

  15. socks its just a waste of money ok for peace of mind for health etc , done the same too me mates spaniel , said she had 5 and there was only three , waste of time