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  1. An orange, some mixed nuts, and one small toy
  2. The hare in the middle looks a bit sore, didn't throw it through a window did you CP?
  3. He's not identifying as two spirit now is she?
  4. Where's your beans, and where's the rest of the eggs etc. I'm surprised there isn't bodies strewn all over the floor and tables and chairs upended Dave's still a rum looking bugger
  5. It was grand and hard coming out of the freezer
  6. Give Big David some credit, he got banned from the all you can eat Chinese buffet for eating too much That's championship status
  7. Even Chisora himself was telling Fury Come on you can hit harder than that, he was pulling his punches, and no mistake
  8. He did indeed He was the leading carrot cake chef of Mexborough, and championed their night vision increasing capabilities no end It's no secret to the old hands that every blue eye special came with a 10% discount for one of Hairys puddings Circa 1988
  9. That's the very fellow He was the leading sports nutritionist of Mexborough, and was fanatical about the consumption of eggshells and championed their lime content and dietary benefits no end
  10. Dehydrating can result in fatalities aswell, the muscles cramping up including the heart, I remember Glenn Ross the strongman mentioning having to walk around in slippers when he was a competitive bodybuilder as he had lost the feeling in his feet
  11. Go on Shaaark Watch it for nowt on hesgoal man Bit of devilment You know?
  12. You've been out haven't you? Where you been? Skulking about the fields and trees?
  13. That's right They've got it all sewn up Divide proud communities by closing the industries down, and here we are
  14. You're still receiving your education, once you've passed through the vermicious knid phase things will become clear young grasshopper
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