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  1. Morris dancing you say? Is that you Don?
  2. Most definitely, they have their own stealth covert First X GWP Greyhounds, and they consider themselves aficionados, but not a lot of people know about that
  3. The Wrens are prospecting around the dead hedges, few other species looking in as well, saw a peacock butterfly the other day, think I must have disturbed it from its hibernation as I was tidying an old goat willow, having some very warm days in mid Northumberland
  4. Aye looking back owd Pav was making the most of his time here, travelling all over the UK for his mountain biking, and bone galore
  5. I've worked with a few sausage rolls, canny lads. I was asking one of them about the land out there, he said it was good mountains, forests, lakes etc, he reckoned they were treated like slaves though
  6. I'm going on holiday! Where you going? Tegypt
  7. Incidentally my army softee strides in medium are around a 60 inch waist
  8. You've got to know how job works Punch em right in the earole and they'll fly off
  9. He's border line comatose from breathing in all the PM 2.5 and PM 10 emanating from the sweaty sock steam
  10. This is a good fella He's a great knife maker as well Jacklore knives
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