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  1. This'll be the shit at the Skegness arrival, barrier down, but 6 berth pluses akimbo Hello there squire, if you can just drop your duds, and hang your hoop out the station wagon window, that'll be just the ticket, and can you sport your orangutan print face mask as I probe your chocolate starfish, that'll be grand what
  2. Who's moved my slotted spoon ? Why are you moving my slotted spoon ?
  3. Come all without Come all within You'll not see nothing like the Mighty Morton
  4. Get to the chemist for benzyl benzoate
  5. Could be some form of mange Have you been rimming the goat
  6. I still want to have a go at making a game bag, Been looking at the thin shoulder leather from metropolitan, think it's about 1.5 mm, I reckon any thicker the bag would be some weight before anything was put in it. I cannot wait to get back to it
  7. Get off your horse and drink your milk
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