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Elk hunter

Beginners Day In Deer Management Inc Cull Stag.

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The Trophy Barn is offering.

The opportunity for a novice / beginner deer stalkers to undertake a beginners course in red deer management that will INCLUDE the culling of a large red stag as part of the day GUARANTEED.

The course is a total hands on experience. From time on my range shooting from a bench. Learning about bullet placement and shot reaction. Culling of a stag and correct approach and inspection of External and internal of the carcass. To a fully equipped game room to skin learn how to skin and break up the carcass.

Deer stalking is not all about the shot but the hole experience and I can offer an day that few stalkers can and that is the time on a deer. Most stalking outfits let you shoot if you see a deer, but not gralloch and handle the carcass. There not charges for meat damage on any part of the day. Its all about giving you the chance to try and make mistakes in a controlled Environment under my supervision.


The course will include:

· Range time on life-size red deer targets from 100 yards out to 200 yards

· Bullet placement and the practice of culling deer in a park environment

· Culling of a red stag under supervision

· Photo opportunities

· Hands on training in the gralloching

· Training in inspection of the carcass for disease

· Hands on training in skinning

· Breaking the carcass down into its primary pieces for the larder

· I can provide a rifle if needed.

· You are welcome to use more than one rifle on the range.


A letter will be provided to show you have had basic training in the basics of deer management and the successfully culled a deer under supervision. This letter can be included with you FAC application of proof that you are actively gaining hands on experience.


Cost of the day course is £250 for a cull animal.

Please ask if you are looking for a good wall hangers from £300.

B&B is available at £30 for the night.


I can also arrange to have the head professionally cleaned and mounted for you at an additional cost.


For more information please click on the web site, PM, Or contact me or thetrophybarn@btinternet.com


Cheers Andrew


PLEASE READ CAREFULLY . I can guarantee good animals, there is no doubt in this. But the day is aimed at inexperienced stalkers who wish to learn how to cull and prepare a deer with total hands on experience. Come with your eye open and you will have a great day.


Range out to 200 yards



Cull stags


Hands on



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Cracking day out with Andy today thanks again mate. Culled a nice stag and learnt a lot highly recommended, couldn't of asked for a better day.


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That seems to be a cracking day out for the money ...you would have to pay that or more just for the shot ..

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Hi elk Hunter i'm certainly interested , could you p.m. me some dates when you can spare me the time .

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He's not been on here for nearly a year lads, I'd suggest you google "the trophy barn" and contact him through his website ;) I'm thinking of doing this myself

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Has anybody been on this course I've tried phoning him but no answer just wondering if he's still operating

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