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  1. River tay day road bridge in picture to great views on a sunny day
  2. Glenshee overcast and wet
  3. Bit wet to day up glenshee couple pictures
  4. Iv not bought it just seen it advertised
  5. Introducing you to a new working breed I give you the Docker lol
  6. Too many pups getting born with to many health issues or die shortly after a family pays good money for them is my proplem
  7. Woman here in Dundee just been done by courts she was bringing pups over from Eire 1 of the pups she sold died and others had health issues rspca etc were watching her and shed been bringing frenchies yorkie s and then small t cup pups canna mind name don't mind some one taking odd litter but when it's seen as easy money and not knowing where pups are coming from etc I'd say it's time to clampdown on those sort of people
  8. No it don't but a lot of these people don't no the first thing about the breed and the fact that it's no as simple always as putting a stud dog to a bitch what about bitches health turning out litter after litter lot of pups not getting properly wormed some no even getting kc reg some of the conditions these dogs are horrific
  9. Breeding to keep a line of a dog etc And breeding litters to make a business or just coz some people are to lazy to get off the ar%e and het a job I know where I'd be going for a pup
  10. Yea it is these photos where took on the invercauld estate lots of good walks and wildlife
  11. Just this week i have seen husky x rottie 1500 shitapoos 1200 cavapoo 1500 red fox lab 1200 French bulldog blue in colour 5000 Crazy prices
  12. Really nice looking pups atb with them
  13. Gotta totally agree with you guys 're prices and your dogs I'm More in to my gundogs and prices are crazy red fox labs now only coz of colour 1000 pound plus black or yellow pups 850 to a grand cockers 1000 I like to try to get a pup around the 7 months use to pick one up for around 800 now 1000-1200 I don't mind a breeder making a little but now it's getting silly prices As for all these designer cross breeds your looking at starting prices of 2000 Yet few years ago before celebritys and all these reality tv shows same pups would of cost about
  14. Few pics from glenshee in her summer splender
  15. Few pics from glenshee in her summer splender
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