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  1. Hi all, My Dad and I have rented a land in Spain. 30 min from Gibraltar airport. We are looking for 5 hunters to share the expenses. Currently i live in Bristol so what i do is to take weekend flights almost every month so im happy that you to join me. The land has: 3 ibex license sep-january 8 red deers sep-feb 12red deer does 5 roe deers May- September Wildboar all the year The land also includes house and my father is happy to pick up you at the airport. The price is £2000 per season/hunter if you know someone who might be interested give me a ring
  2. I usually hunt with my Dad in Madrid and near to Sevilla. The problem is if i want to hunt i have to take a plane and normally it's not a problem but now... that's why i would like to find how to pay per season to be able to hunt. In Spain you pay per season with your mates and you have the right to hunt.
  3. That's my problem i don't know anyone. To be honest im more interested in seeing how is the hunt in the Uk because i cannot go to Spain until September when the deer season it's open
  4. Hi all, I hope you are doing well. This will be my second topic well...the first one after my presentation. I would like to know how i can rent o be part of a hunting club to be able to hunt in the UK. I normally hunt in Spain with my Dad but i live in the Uk now so I would like to see how i can do it. If anyone has any doubt about how to hunt in Spain, feel free to ask. Regards
  5. Hola , acabo de leer el post cuando escribí estaba recién llegado y ya estoy establecido. Alguien sabe si se puede alquilar un terreno para cazar o pertenecer a un club para cazar especialmente caza mayor. Hi all, i just read this all post when I wrote that it was my first week in the Uk but now im well stablished in the country. Does anyone know if you can rent a small hunting land or if you have to be a member of a group?kind regards
  6. Hello Im a spanish hunter and engineer new in uk. I ve been hunting all my life in spain with my father. Currently i live in bristol area and i would like hunting but im not sure how is going the hunt uk. In spain i have the hunting areas with deers, hogs and roebuck. I dont know is possible rent a area here too. If anybody can give some help i really apreciated. Many thanks anyway.
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