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  1. Just doing some revision for my DSC1, and struggling slightly with identification. Ive no problem getting the species, but am finding problems differentiating between Doe or Hinds and Buck or Stags. Cant find any info on telling the difference. Presumably it is dependant on species, but unsure which ones go with which word! As you can tell Im new to this side of shooting, so probably the perfect candidate for the DSCs. Any pointers appreciated!
  2. Bought mine a year ago from a dealer for 1250, used but mint. Probably put 2000 cartridges through it from 21g to 50g and it hasn't missed a beat. Lovely gun. Only thing Ive done is replace the recoil pad with one of the newer microfibre ones.
  3. Dicksons in Edinburgh would likely have some info for you too. Worth a try.
  4. I was down at the licensing office (lothian & borders) yesterday. Woman there said police scotland are extremely backlogged with new applications just now, due to some computer system change over as well as being a busy time of year anyway. Months was her estimate....
  5. My permissions are only cleared for .22 centerfire, so let say I wanted a .270 and only planned to use it on individual paid for stalks, and in the 100m range at the club....would they go for that?
  6. Hi folks, been lurking around here for a while but finally joined up. Ive recently moved back to the UK from quite a few years living in Australia/NZ and am embarking on the slightly daunting task of getting back into shooting. Just had my SGC approved, but my main goal is to get into deer stalking. Did a fair bit of this in NZ and loved it! Currently have one of my old permissions back which is a great start, and have joined a clay club down in the borders. I think there is a lot of fun (and expense) coming my way soon! Look forward to learning and taking part here in the forums. Cheers
  7. Is this still available? Looks just what I need and much better than the BASC pre-DSC1! Cheers
  8. Just wondering how it would work, or if at all possible to apply for my first FAC for a centerfire calibre only? I only have a SGC at the moment and dont really have much need for a rimfire calibre, however have a growing interest in deer stalking. Can I apply for something like a .270 straight off providing all requirements are met? Im taking the pre-DSC1 in March, the full course shortly after, and do have a reasonable amount of experience using full bore rifles, although mainly abroad (worked clearing pigs and kangaroos on a Queensland fruit farm for a while). Cheers
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