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  1. Elk hunter

    Hare Mask

    I think it's had an ear transplant from a Jack Rabbit along with some unwanted attitude. As I've never seen a hare look aggressive when out in the field...... Good attempt! Andrew.
  2. Elk hunter

    Latest Fox Wall Mount

    This is without a dout the best fox mont I've seen in a long while on this forum. Excellent work something I and others apire too. Andrew
  3. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY BEFORE SENDING A PM, I AM NOT OFFERING A DAYS DEER STALKING ON RED DEER, IT IS THE CULLING OF A RED DEER AS PART OF THE COURSE. The Trophy Barn is offering. The opportunity for a novice / beginner deer stalkers to undertake a beginners course in red deer management that will INCLUDE the culling of a large red stag as part of the day GUARANTEED. The course is a total hands on experience. From time on my range shooting from a bench. Learning about bullet placement and shot reaction. Culling of a stag and correct approach and inspection of External and internal of the carcass. To a fully equipped game room to skin learn how to skin and break up the carcass. Deer stalking is not all about the shot but the hole experience and I can offer an day that few stalkers can and that is the time on a deer. Most stalking outfits let you shoot if you see a deer, but not gralloch and handle the carcass. There not charges for meat damage on any part of the day. Its all about giving you the chance to try and make mistakes in a controlled Environment under my supervision. The course will include: · Range time on life-size red deer targets from 100 yards out to 200 yards · Bullet placement and the practice of culling deer in a park environment · Culling of a red stag under supervision · Photo opportunities · Hands on training in the gralloching · Training in inspection of the carcass for disease · Hands on training in skinning · Breaking the carcass down into its primary pieces for the larder · I can provide a rifle if needed. · You are welcome to use more than one rifle on the range. A letter will be provided to show you have had basic training in the basics of deer management and the successfully culled a deer under supervision. This letter can be included with you FAC application of proof that you are actively gaining hands on experience. Cost of the day course is £250 for a cull animal. Please ask if you are looking for a good wall hangers from £300. B&B is available at £30 for the night. I can also arrange to have the head professionally cleaned and mounted for you at an additional cost. For more information please click on the web site, PM, Or contact me or thetrophybarn@btinternet.com Cheers Andrew PLEASE READ CAREFULLY . I can guarantee good animals, there is no doubt in this. But the day is aimed at inexperienced stalkers who wish to learn how to cull and prepare a deer with total hands on experience. Come with your eye open and you will have a great day. Range out to 200 yards Cull stags Hands on Skinning
  4. Elk hunter

    Know Deleted

    The op never said it was sport. There are plenty of guys that would shoot them just to get the time on to gralloch and inspect the carcasses. Sould never knock what someone else does even if you don't agree. Andrew
  5. Had a call late last week from a client asking me if I could remove a stag it had jumped the fence in a moment of madness and had disappeared looking for love. He could be heard calling, so was not to far away. So I headed out first thing walked and glassed the perimeter of as well as the farm land around the park but no stag insight. The stockman gave me a call to say the stag was back. It was obvious that he had jumped back over the 9 foot fence to be with the ladies. Only he wasn't with the ladies, just the cull stags and yearlings. Owner informed me to shoot the stag as if he got out again he may not come back. Asked him if he wanted it left till weekend as I have a novice stalker coming. The answer was No! he could not risk it leaving again. Shame I had to shoot it as it would have been an Awsome first deer for my Beginners Day! Better done this way than having to shoot it after coming into contact with a motor vehicle. Andrew
  6. Elk hunter

    £170 Reloaders Dream Machine

    I've heard for a coupe of feinds i have in canada that they suffer from static build up. Then you get inaccurate powder throw. Can't beat scales and a powder trickler. Andrew
  7. Thought I would share a good thumbs up for my local police. Living in leicestershire I'm vey lucky that our FAO are probably one of the best in the country. I had decided to go out with the old and upgrade to a new 6.5x55. I did my paper work took it in to the main office and started the search for a new toy. Good god the ink was not even dry and I got an appoligy by phone from the FEO telling me they were a little behind and sorry for the delay. My variation took under two weeks unlike the normal 5 day turn around. It's a shame not all FEO were this efficient. So my ticket is on the table and I'm at a loss for what to buy. Andrew
  8. Morning all I had many a client speak about the FLF so I've come alone to see what the fuss is about. A little about myself as an introduction. I live in leicestershire and have hunted all my life. Roe stalking is my hobby and passion on a lease I have just over the border in Scotland. But enjoy air and full bore shooting when not stalking. I'm very lucky that my job also in partnership with my hobby as I manage 2 large red deer herds and a large game manager for the largest bison herd in the UK. I enjoy this time of year introducing novice shooters and stalkers to deer management on day courses. Great way to meet from the shooting world. I've hunted and worked around the world but you can not beat the shooting in and around the uk. Look forward to engaging with all.