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  1. I could be wrong, but I saw one on a hw site today with a similar twangy effect caused by them being converted to the uk market, guy thought it was a bit twangy and opened it up. spring had just been hacked off! I wonder is this a problem with them being imported to uk sub-12 rather than the factory? Easily fixed I imagine but something to think about, I will try find the pic but it looks like it was done with a blooming spoon if you get me! Is disappointing cos there are bang on when there right!
  2. There is an ultra (mmc) for 220!!! That's a banging price in my opinion he has two!! If it was pay day I would take both theres a .177 and a .22 and acopes are extra.. Still a great price!
  3. Never said Mac but I am in the cooking trade.. Any tips on a tree rat and I am yours! Why I got into cattys so much easier when you get the nack! Haven't forgotten about the ones I am sending you and Sean , got a bit of work so it got in the way!! Good to see you back in form chief! Chat soon Atb ade
  4. Two messages up answered my question haha!
  5. Must be a bitch to cock! Am looking forward to seeing this as well!! Atb Ade
  6. Is it ok to use on an underlever? As it attaches to the barrel I assume?
  7. Parcel force 48 mate! Take the action out the stock and wack it in a long enough box and you should be under the length restrictions.. Think it's about 12/13 quid buddy! Have a couple of boxes you can stick her in if Ya are in the area buddy! How's that shooting? Am still looking out for a 90!!
  8. Just got a new job so hopefully when I get paid some gun tokens (wages) that scope is on my list! Let me k ow how you get on with it Mac, have never used a scope only a diy kit.. Does it effect your peripheral much? Just wondering the logistics of it if that makes sense! Great setup! Atb Ade
  9. Just seen above, prob not then!
  10. I have three lean "well hard cats" my collies are scared of them and they kill more rats and mice round the gaff throught out the year than I can remember.. I would never hurt someone's pet.. But if one of mine was silly enough to wander in and lost a bit if fluff.. Won't happen again now will it haha I would advise a cat as a pet, in my experience the dogs usually just let the cats think there the boss and Lord around the gaff hahha.. Either that or it goes super badly..
  11. That's a good idea.. Honestly never thought of a 3d printer like a fricking light going off..
  12. Wish I could buy her back! Peach! Will stick a jsb where ever you point her absolute fact! Anyone is getting a fricking super deal! Legend moves on
  13. Indeed! Would love to have a crack at them in .22!!
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