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  1. Alaa maayouf

    Duck Hunting in Egypt 2012

    sir , thanks for your respectful replay Egypt is very known of Duck Hunting , alot of Hunting enthusiast are visit us for Duck Hunting , Dove Hunting , Quail Hunting , pigeon shooting all our Clients from Italy , Greece , Cyprus , Malta , in addition to all Arab Countries our services are the best , prices are the lowest , our Hunts are the most Exciting
  2. Duck hunting is available over particular seasons during their annual migrations through Egypt. We hunt Summer ducks from mid-August to mid-October and the winter migration from early November through the middle of February. Ducks are a challenging bird to call and shoot and success is also obviously related to a hunter's shooting prowess. We have access to many private lakes in the oasis and these areas also often prove productive during our seasons. Duck shooting is specifically undertaken in the morning and evening as the ducks come in to feed near our blinds. In between these shoots you will also have the opportunity to relax at our hotel, swim in the pool, or enjoy a game of billiards. Another option for our duck hunters is to walk up doves in the middle of the day as they are roosting in nearby date palm trees. This is actually a very challenging process as the doves must actually be stalked in their roosts. We sincerely invite you to come and enjoy legendary Fayoumi hospitality as you hunt on the lake where King Farouk would routinely hunt ducks with visiting dignitaries and other heads of state. Contact us e-mail ; egyptwingshooting@gmail.com phone : +201117346471
  3. Alaa maayouf

    Hello all members

    Hiii I am very Happy for joining this greate fourm my name is Alaa maayouf Egyptian sponsor of Hunting trip to Egypt thanks Again for admin that accepted me