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  1. Motion Camera

    I'd have thought so. It picked up a small bird and a rat in my garden
  2. Flat roof leaking

    Great stuff. We've used a lot of it over the years. Really good for patching old cast iron gutter leaks
  3. Motion Camera

    I've got a idea in my head about a camera on a pole that slides up and down with polystyrene under it to stay afloat. Haven't dare test it yet .
  4. outdoor ferret hutches and design ideas.

    I've sent him a message
  5. outdoor ferret hutches and design ideas.

    Can't find his site ?
  6. Motion Camera

    Hopefully next week I'll have a few videos for you . Maybe even get one of a mink which is why I want another camera
  7. Motion Camera

    What I'd give for a punt gun Theirs probably better cameras out there. This is my first , took me a long time to get round to buying one but I like this one so much im going to buy another soon . It comes with attachments so you can stick it on a stand and another attachment for something else. Takes up to 32gb card(I think) so plenty of space for pics/videos and the batterys I put in are still in use so good on that front aswell
  8. Motion Camera

    Fair few ducks on there . The guy with the bucket didn't even notice the camera It does video aswell. I'll see if I can upload a video to show quality
  9. outdoor ferret hutches and design ideas.

    What kind of wheels you use? Are they any good?
  10. Motion Camera

    You'll need a memory card with it aswell. It's simple to use . Put batteries and memory card in . Fiddle with settings (great video online to say what is what) and turn on. Simple as that
  11. Motion Camera

    https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B074FVPTRQ/ref=sr_ph?ie=UTF8&qid=1516209448&sr=1&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_FMwebp_QL65&keywords=ip66 I bought one of these and it's great
  12. Come on I can't be the only one..

    Seen the list in the paper. Loads of mongrels in there .
  13. Big Cat Sighting

    Tbh I know plenty of old farmers who wouldn't think of taking a picture
  14. outdoor ferret hutches and design ideas.

    If I was starting from scratch outside and had free reign to decide what I wanted id lean towards block walls with a mesh on one side tall enough to walk around in .
  15. outdoor ferret hutches and design ideas.

    Their was a great thread on here I got ideas for my hutch . Had some great outdoor ones aswell
  16. Hob Season

    He's still got huge balls . Im wondering if the vasectomy has done anything to him . He's in a shed with a mesh door that lets in some sunlight during the day but most of the shed is dark apart from the hour the lights on late at night when im in there with him. Anybody else ever had this?
  17. Hob Season

    Ok waiting for my hob to come out of season before he spends time with my 2 Jill kits . He got vasectomised this year . His balls are still on show at the moment. Whens likely that they recede and he's out of season ? These are my first ferrets and never had to check if hob was out if season before
  18. D.I.Y policing,the rise of online vigilantes.

    Guy around here babysat for his friend. The kid had blood coming out of his arse in the morning so parents took him to hospital and police got involved . Guy got arrested and was in the paper that he was arrested etc . Talk of the area when it happened . Turned out doctors and cops were incompetent and the kid had something wrong with him and the guy didn't abuse him at all and it either got thrown out of court or didn't make it to court . But it was in the papers about him being arrested and the charges etc . Nothing in there about his name being cleared tho. Most people probably don't even know as he was a quiet bloke . Still to this day if im chatting to my mum and I mention his name in conversation about anything unrelated she'll say "didn't he get done for abusing a kid?" If the kids family had of been edgy that guy would have been pummeled or killed. Luckily they went with the police / doctor route and in the end the guy lost a long term friend over it and you rarely see him around town any more even tho he still lives local. Not sure how this fits in here but thought it mention it regardless
  19. Big Cat Sighting

    Your probably right . Don't think the guy noticed it while flying the drone tho .
  20. Big Cat Sighting

    With that picture it would be nice to see the left hand side in daytime aswell
  21. Big Cat Sighting

    About 1:50 onwards. Regardless of whether it's a big cat it's made me want to own a drone . Looks great fun
  22. https://welshcountrymansgamefair.co.uk Mrs just sent me this
  23. paper or wood shavings

    Would the ink from letters be a problem ?
  24. Hartlepool United FC

    You'd like to think so but I imagine It would still be £20 and somebody at the top would be keeping the rest of the cash
  25. Dead Cat

    Could be his son telling porkies