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  1. Fibreglass roofing

    Is that all the timber work pre fibreglassing aswell ?
  2. Fibreglass roofing

    Guy who does ours fibreglass was £45 / square metre . We did all the timber work and he came in for a day to fibreglass. Last one he did few weeks ago was 600 odd quid for 4 1/2 hours work.
  3. Clam type Larsen trap

    That was my thoughts on grabbing them . I imagined then all flying away
  4. Clam type Larsen trap

    My plan was to use them for ferret food . Plenty of pigeons/magpies etc around the garden so might just shoot them
  5. Clam type Larsen trap

    It'll all be new to me [BANNED TEXT] , I've never used a Larsen before.
  6. Clam type Larsen trap

    This came a few days ago . Looks a sturdy piece of kit . The springs are mental strong . I had to cut a few notches in one end of each of the perches to get it to sit easier What's the best way of dispatch anything caught . I can't imagine manual dispatch would work because it's to tough to open the cage with both hands the bird would just fly off . Is a air rifle through the cage the best way for this trap ?
  7. Big Cat Sighting

    I genuinely think he only gives it out when he gets it
  8. Big Cat Sighting

    I hope you go round all the local churches and give them shit aswell
  9. Big Cat Sighting

    To be fair to greyman he did cover his thoughts on this happening literally a few pages back. I think he was telling to Eddie b comments about the supposed big cat attacks in the 80's and also the latest lynx escape in Wales last year
  10. Big Cat Sighting

    That's 100% fine. Everybody is entitled to their opinion on eachother and many on here have also called him a nutjob /crack pot etc . But I'll ask you this . If you think he's a nutjob why do you care what he thinks or says . If you think he's bonkers then surely anything he says isn't worth fuckall.
  11. Big Cat Sighting

    Nobody's saying you have to agree with him . Plenty on here have disagreed with him and left it at that Questions like "Have you got any definite proof of big cats" getsasked every other page . Pointless question as if he had he'd have said
  12. Big Cat Sighting

    Your all acting like he's got all the answers to everything , you throw questions at him left right and centre . Give the guy a break ffs . He might be wrong , he might be right. But any amount of discussion on here won't come to a definitive conclusion
  13. Dale winton

    Straight people can die aswell .
  14. Working at height

    I've been up and down roof ladders countless times and been on high scaffolding . Never worried to much or thought much about , never really been a fan but just got on and got up there . Today I was on a especially high roof and got up the roof ladder , ripped the broken slate out and passed it to my boss who went and cut one on the floor . While he was faffing around finding the cutter etc I was sitting on the roof ladder when all of a sudden my arse dropped . I started sweating , tingling and shitting myself. I told my boss im coming down but obviously he said "f***ing hell put the skate in first" . I waited for him to bring slate up and chucked it in . When I was waiting for him I was clutching on to the ladder for dear life , never been so freaked out . Calmed a bit when he brought slate up and I put it back in but I was like a sloth coming down . When I got to the bottom all I wanted to do was lie down. Carried on thru the day but only went up the ladder and not the roof ladder . Even that was making me twitch . It completely ruined my day and f****d with my head. Got another day patching slates tomorrow but on a lower roof so I'll see how I go . Anyone else had this before? Normally I just do it but some reason today I freaked big time , no excess wind / rain nothing to make it worse just bottled it for some reason
  15. Dale winton

    Whats being gay got to do with diyng ? Everybody dies in the end
  16. Joey Barton

    Wasn't that long ago he was trying to create controversy by slagging off David unsworth being caretaker manager of everton .
  17. Joey Barton

    What has that got to do with football management or his history of being a dickhead
  18. Joey Barton

    True , but if you didnt consider history of character then your f****d
  19. Joey Barton

    Fair enough having a crack at it , he may end up being really good at it. But I reckon within a year he'll have f****d it up going on his history
  20. Joey Barton

    Pretty much every single thing he's done in football had ended in arguing/disaster . Can see this being no different
  21. crazy mo fo

    That's a angry animal. Not quite sure what their doing tho
  22. Action man

    I got one Christmas day and my dad had already made him a parachute . I threw him in the air and he landed in the pond andfor some reason his hair fell out . I remember waiting outside toys r us in Swansea (think it was boxing day) for my mum to take it in and enchamge it. They didn't have any army ones left so I got the ninja action man . Within a week me and my brother had broken one of his arms off doing stunts with him. My dad couldn't fix the arm so got one of my he-man figures that was a man/tiger and took his arm off and screwed it into the ninjas shoulder socket . Needless to say we made a complete backstory for him about being injured by a samurai and having to have a tiger/human arm grafted on . My old man was absolute class when it came to toys with us . We had the weirdest and best toys imaginable .
  23. Anybody got anything interesting on their cameras or any good images/videos. Be interested to see what you've all captured . I've only just got my own but would love to hear/see what you all have come across when you've looked at your memory card
  24. Action man

    Let's be honest they haven't turned action man into anything . It's one advert by a company famed for annoying/awefull adverts. My boys seen it plenty and as I said before he finds it hilarious . When he goes to my dad's and uses my old action men toys they still shoot other toys and climb the stairs looking for bad guys . Not specifically targeting you flattop by the way
  25. Action man

    My dad hates that advert. My 8 years old boy finds it hilarious