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  1. Roller Pigeons

    Thanks for that mate where can I buy a copy or any other decent books on rollers as said in previous post they are some on e bay but most are in America
  2. Roller Pigeons

    Anyone out there got some decent books on roller pigeons I would happily buy them I've been on eBay and most of them are in America was tryin to get winners with spinners please pm me if anyone can help
  3. Cut Gels/powder

    Cutheal spray or cutheal powder good stuff
  4. Clulite Lamp

    No problem mate as said its the chargers not the lamp mines was staying at green idicating full charge when i knew it was flat flickering on and off as well got my new charger ln the post today and I only phoned them yesterday so I can't fault them for service and the chargers working fine now
  5. Clulite Lamp

    Don't know whether this has been posted before but thought I would post it anyway just been on the phone to cluson was looking online trying to find a mains charger for the plr 500 long ranger light as mine has been playing up going straight to green charge mode on the plug after I had used it for a few hours should go to red and then green anyway seen a post from an electrical safety company saying the plr 500 had been recalled on 6th of June 2017 so I phoned cluson to find out what the score was apparently its not the lamp that's at fault its the charger electric shock risk girl took my name and address and they are sending me a new one out free thought I'd post this on here in case other lads are having the same problem
  6. Pain Releaver

    The only thing I have been prescribed by vet for dogs near to paracetamol is aspirin depending on the dogs weight and that was for torn muscle on the lurchers back and was told never to give them on an empty stomach they seemed to do the trick not sure about paracetamol though
  7. Pain Releaver

    Run cold water over it slowly from a hose 10 minutes in the morning and 10 mins beforyou kennel him up for the night and gently bend it back and forth to increase the blood flow in that area as long as it is just a knock try and get anti inflammatory tablets or liquid from vets I wouldn't use calpol
  8. Parks Stuff

    Stanley Chester and brick were all litter mates there's a picture of them on the cover of an old earth dog running dog mag had a parks bred pup here about 4 yrs ago that was bred down off Stanley gifted to me by a keeper friend that knows jp well smart thing bold as brass smooth or slape coated and a deep chestnut red colour good harsh coat he's with a keeper up north now going well touch on the hard side but that's the way he likes em
  9. Roller Plgeons Pensom And Dexter Strain

    thanks mate lad I got them from said he's had the same family of birds for about 25 years or so as said don't know much about them just trying to get some info thanks again lads
  10. Roller Plgeons Pensom And Dexter Strain

    Thanks for that mate will try and get a copy much appreciated
  11. Hi lads just got 3 pair of roller plgeons from a lad in York he says they are pensom and Dexter strain just wondering if anyone out ther keeps this strain and knows about them got these for my grandson and don't know much about them had racers for years and some fancy types after that can anyone enlighten me thanks
  12. West Of England Tumblers

    Yes flacko that's the ones
  13. Can anyone on here tell me where I can get a couple of pair of these pigeons the ones with the feathered feet tried bird trader but too far away I'm in Glasgow I know you can get couriers but you don't know what your getting or if they are healthy if anyone can help pm me please they are for my grandson
  14. Ratting

    Long shot but worth a try anyone on here with permission for ratting near Glasgow or surrounding areas central Scotland got a couple of Russell pups here and need some work on the rats 30 year experience with dogs just no good spots for ratting if I can tag along with some lads it would be much appreciated if you can. Help pm me thanks
  15. From New Cumnock, Ayrshire, Scotland

    Alright Martin welcome mate