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  1. I was out pricing jobs up this morning and feeling good because my prices won the day for us. In built up traffic, all swerving around something in the road, I noticed a buck rabbit hopping aimlessly backwards and forward against the kerbstones not knowing where to go or do. It`s eyes were like golf balls, oozing with puss. I put my hazard lights on and my son ended it`s misery there and then,- instantly. Whoever invented that vile disease needs a good chop to the back of the neck aswell. atb Mark p.s. not a happy chap as this was just half a mile from my rabbit permission.
  2. Decoy patterns

    I`ll pop back tomorrow with a really good pattern and " rules" for you Lee.m You will get great results with it . That's a 1978 spring rifle, a FWB Sport 124 (.177) in the photo LM,- much better challenge than a HW 100 .
  3. Finally got a break in the weather. The Pro Sport Zero is spot on, so I gave her a very stern test this late afternoon set up and ready for 4-15 pm waiting for any Wood Pigeons. The Woodies are landing at the back of this copse, a good 40, 45 yds off. One presentation is all we got as I had no time to build any type of hide in that 1 1/2 hr window other than wearing the top half of my leaf suit, face mask and gloves. Here`s that 45 yd presentation,- it landed, I didn`t dare move an inch and after a long couple of minutes it turned it`s back to me. So satisfying using a springer, building my shot, my breathing, concentrating, squeezing off the shot between heart beats and watching the Wood Pigeon tumble without a twitch, shot clean through the shoulder blades using JSB Exact Express 7.87g, 4.52. One very accurate rifle boys, I`m impressed. atb Mark
  4. Buzzard

    Hope I caught this photo well enough with my average camera This buzzard was one very large bird, it`s wingspan looked as wide as I can spread my arms at a guess.
  5. Which is best? HW97 or TX200HC

    I owned a Master Pro, not for long mind and put it up against my TX 200 when I had it. For me, the TX 200 just walked it in all departments, just MY opinion. I hated the external build quality of the Master Pro and that hideous router mark. I cannot knock the LGU ( under lever version) nor can I knock the internals of the Master Pro,- they were very smooth but I gleaned far better accuracy from the TX 200 - but do remember that was me, not you. Now I`m waiting for a weather break to test the Pro Sport against my TX 200 HC MK3 .177 but from what I`ve shot up to now this should be interesting. The Pro Sport is untouched. When I did have the Master Pro she did get a short evenings hunting trip, here`s her results lads. She took 2 from 2 presentations. There`s my thoughts for what they are worth. Good Luck with your choices. P.S. Would I have a Walther LGU or LGV again ? " Absolutely" - a mk2 though.
  6. First time out with the hide

    Do they even make extra, XXXXXXXXXXL hides for James ? Yes, I also think you need to start learning field craft "Mark Style" - on yer ass or not, you would shoot a lot more Only saying like, Twat x
  7. Right, Rez .............

    Hawke Air Max 30 sf 3-12 x 50 amx - maybe ?
  8. The AA Pro Sport .177

    Parker Hale Gun Stock Walnut Oil Jimmy.
  9. The AA Pro Sport .177

    Walnut oil is not far off being finished lads, here she is in natural daylight with no rain or snow.
  10. Which is best? HW97 or TX200HC

    Sandwell are adamant that a drop in kit " is not tuning a gun" and when you think about all the polishing, lube , two men for 8 hrs on a 97 stage 2 tune etc, etc you can understand those thoughts. The TX is as polished as a spring rifle out of the box, as they come. ( I`m told) Rat Works agreed with that, especially the trigger and would not polish/ buff either. Rat Works offer a stage 4 tune which is this. Now don`t talk gunsmith work with me lads as I`m no gun smith but as you have seen I am having some good results and found this work gave a marked improvement ( for me) in the accuracy and shot cycle of my TX. Rat Works also told me to expect my TX to settle off at around 11.7 ft/lbs which it did/has stayed at that for over a year now. She`s a very accurate, silky smooth rifle now. Hope that helps any.
  11. Which is best? HW97 or TX200HC

    Charlie Caller ( Tim) will like this bit, The LGU , under lever from Walther, is getting some great reviews and is being considered " right up there" alongside the TX`s and 97`s with some well known lads preferring the LGU. Another thought crosses my mind here too Sandwell Field Sports will tune a 97 to a very high standard. Sandwell will also tune an LGU to a stage 1 tune. Sandwell will not tune a TX - as they say it`s tuned as can be already ? Just thought I`d throw that one in ?
  12. Which is best? HW97 or TX200HC

    Shhhhhhhhh , I`m winding the Fecker up Jimmy the Twat is always trying to wind me up.
  13. Which is best? HW97 or TX200HC

    Bold words those Rezmondo I wouldn`t bet my rifle buddy but love the passion you have for your 97 in .22, that`s for sure Tell you what though, if I lived near you, I would be round "knocking on ya door" - my FWB Sport mk1 127 ( .22) v You and your lovely 97, - loser buys the beer. Eeeeee I`d be "Pi$$ed free of charge " that night Do the 38 yd, shit shot challenge with the 97 mate - great fun ! I was going to " Crank things up" a little today and give a totally unbiased match between my T Rex .177 and my brand new, shiny Pro Sport .177 on the 38 yd shit, shot challenge but , of course it`s blowing and snowing, just for a change. See how the day goes, - if I can, I will.
  14. Lofting poles and appropriate decoys

    Lofting poles and appropriate decoys View Advert I`m looking for some lofting poles and appropriate decoys. Good condition only please. Advertiser mark williams Date 11/03/18 Price Category Other Fieldsports Equipment  
  15. The AA Pro Sport .177

    Yes mate, I just opened the box and there it was, - fell for her looks there and then,- I was lucky for once .
  16. The AA Pro Sport .177

    Jonny here`s the Walnut Pro Sport, out of the box Can you see that you get plain, unfinished walnut ? At a guess a Walnut TX would be the same ? Anyway I asked the RFD`s advice and they said Walnut oil, palm rub it in or else use a lint free cloth and rub fine coats of Walnut oil into her. I`ve no idea Jonny if Tung is better than Walnut oil etc, etc, - my first attempt to Great fun though. The lads that know better than me will continue to explain the basics I`ve mentioned, I`m sure. Good luck Jonny
  17. Which is best? HW97 or TX200HC

    TX by a country mile.
  18. Beat the beast before the weekend

    Nice shooting Matt, as per
  19. Whats everyone think to the Brocock Commander?

    Dom, take a look on the Airgun Gear Show channel on Face Book mate. They have a short review of it " Good luck"
  20. Whats everyone think to the Brocock Commander?

    To me, it`s ugly, however it may perform.
  21. Jess trees another.

    Said it before and I`ll say it again, - lovely working dog , full of beans Compliments U
  22. The more I shoot this rifle, the more I like it . She fits me like a glove too and that really aids accuracy. Untouched lads, out of the box and staying that way I think Less than 200 pellets through her and she`s like a tuned rifle now. Shot outside, 38 yds off Primos sticks, - had she been bench rested, she would have been even better. The 15th shot has touched the circle so she got 24/24, - made up with her. The T Rex tomorrow " Weather permitting"
  23. New Pro Sport takes the Shit Shot Challenge.

    I made a point, Phil made his and we are both sorted thank you. No need to take sides in the playground - the hand bags were picked up a while back.
  24. A Few Of My Hides Inside & Out

    Jimmy, I take it you are sat on your ass before you put your feet up ? Did you use sticks or the window ledge ? Only asking like