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  1. out of my head on a tab

    Get some ganja
  2. out of my head on a tab

    I will get some ordered next time I'm at the docs then lol
  3. out of my head on a tab

    Thought you had dropped some acid lol
  4. true red leeds

    Did you use the Nottingham branch? ...walked past it not long ago it looked good but we had already eaten
  5. Haye vs Bellew Rematch Postponed

    The problem with the vegan diet is over time it catches up on you you won't see the full downsides until you age as many are finding out ..
  6. Mortgages

    Most brokers will charge you a set fee not that much really a couple of hundred plus ..as waz says they will do all the legwork they know the pitfalls and how to guide you round them As wilf says there going to want to know what you had for breakfast so be prepared and start praying lol
  7. Haye vs Bellew Rematch Postponed

    reminds me of someone ....we should have a whip round
  8. Mortgages

    Probably worth going to a reputable mortgage broker wil cost you a little but they will get you a good deal and because your paying a set fee they ain't going to shark you like the bank's will
  9. Porn.

    You haven't got names and address have you?
  10. Haye vs Bellew Rematch Postponed

    Vegans eh
  11. Trump Under Fire

    Well it looks like the Don is under a shite load fire and now being investigated by the f.b.i you can't say its gone to well for him thus far ...the knives are out you didn't think they would let him get away with it did ya? ... is he going to walk? Or just more hyper inflated media bull? Must be costing Soros a few bob
  12. Dash cams & reversing cameras

    They can be as criminating as incriminating
  13. Snap crackle and pop

    Colon of steel you
  14. Boxing At The Weekend...

    Tuff fight that for Frampton ... good fight
  15. RIP Malcolm Young

    Sad news that ...RIP
  16. anybody work on the railways

    When you light a fire with thinners make sure there's no embers. ...I've got no eyebrows after this morning
  17. Clothes

    Not a patch on my sambas
  18. Clothes

    Snide lol
  19. Clothes

    Jacket/coat wise I'm still using my black Barbour jacket I've had it over 10 years and its still looking good there not the warmest but put a good jumper on and jobs a good en .
  20. A lesson from Poland

    He reckons the kazstelan is best ...I will be trying them all shortly
  21. A lesson from Poland

    I work with a polish lad and he's spot on he's been here 15 years his kids identify as British he loves this country but also very proud to be polish I get a history lesson every day lol ...I take him a dozen eggs each week and he repays me in liquid gold ....tonight's haul
  22. A lesson from Poland

    Aye the shiney tracksuit company and the carlos fandango wheel company would be right down the pan lol
  23. Weed ;)

    Gone to pot ITV 9PM again ....biggins and pat on the buckets this week lol
  24. Clothes

    Diesel larkee jeans only jeans I buy there the only ones that last but even they eventually circum to the rigours my huge ball bag puts on them .... got a pair of dewalt work trousers a week ago the button has alread popped ffs!