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  1. https://youtu.be/tRt-iFANWKg
  2. Just hot in from work and seen this all over ...not sure what the crack is yet but I'm not surprised in the least.
  3. kanny

    Canada explosion

    Stone worshiping pagans they ain't the brightest.
  4. kanny

    Canada explosion

    Happy Ramadan https://news.sky.com/story/several-injured-in-bomb-explosion-in-ontario-restaurant-canadian-police-say-11384647
  5. kanny

    Bacon lady

    She's out on bail
  6. kanny

    Bacon lady

    This old lass who got the name bacon lady for her persistence in pointing out double standards at speakers corner Hyde park got the "knock" this morning by our friendly plod ...absolutely shocking treatment of a vulnerable old woman I'm disgusted
  7. kanny

    pure sickened i am

    Them goats have pissed somebody of but it sucks for you and I hate the waist .
  8. kanny

    Sick Facebook hackers!

    It's not dog Fox its that jo Riley Bird .....slag!
  9. kanny

    Sick Facebook hackers!

    I Thanks! I've got to read it all now
  10. kanny

    7 sausage dogs

    Gang bangers!
  11. kanny

    Rotting meat !!!

    Growing up on a maggot farm you get use to it... But your right it does stay with you mentally.. . Dad had to use TCP as aftershave to cover the stench.