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  1. Clothes

    Not a patch on my sambas
  2. Clothes

    Snide lol
  3. Clothes

    Jacket/coat wise I'm still using my black Barbour jacket I've had it over 10 years and its still looking good there not the warmest but put a good jumper on and jobs a good en .
  4. A lesson from Poland

    He reckons the kazstelan is best ...I will be trying them all shortly
  5. A lesson from Poland

    I work with a polish lad and he's spot on he's been here 15 years his kids identify as British he loves this country but also very proud to be polish I get a history lesson every day lol ...I take him a dozen eggs each week and he repays me in liquid gold ....tonight's haul
  6. A lesson from Poland

    Aye the shiney tracksuit company and the carlos fandango wheel company would be right down the pan lol
  7. Weed ;)

    Gone to pot ITV 9PM again ....biggins and pat on the buckets this week lol
  8. Clothes

    Diesel larkee jeans only jeans I buy there the only ones that last but even they eventually circum to the rigours my huge ball bag puts on them .... got a pair of dewalt work trousers a week ago the button has alread popped ffs!
  9. Brexit Impact.

  10. Magnet fishing

    Bit of brass on this find ...I dare you to recycle it
  11. May on Russia

    As Nigel says ...maybe we are looking in the wrong place
  12. Weed ;)

    I was quite surprised how positive the program was nana gange did a number on them ..good girl!
  13. Weed ;)

    You wouldent want fash at your party