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  1. Bessy.

    I've had it for a while now and thankfully seem to be over the hump. Not coughed up anything today. Not sure how this flu jab works but didn't want to go the antibiotic route. Tried staying in a constant temperature. Didn't seem to work. The tried and tested "starve a fever and feed a cold" did ease the coughing. I found that even if you don't have much of an appetite, a can of peach slices in syrup next to me worked well. Just a couple of mouthfuls every now and then stopped a lot of the coughing. Hope you get over it soon Nathan.
  2. Rain hat for spectacles wearer

    A can of waterproof spray maybe? The stiff brimmed boonie is my choice also.
  3. Altberg boots

    Thanks Voon. Helpful info.
  4. Was looking at getting a pair of defenders but getting the impression that they're not all the same. Can someone talk me through the differences, MTP, Combat, cadet? Also, how do the sizes work out? I normally use a 9 and a bit so if I want a couple pairs of thick socks should I buy a 10 and what width?
  5. It's all a question of perspective. If the object is just to kill stuff they're very efficient and I imagine they're built to survive any shock. I just can't see U with one of em on top of a blunderbuss. For me, my tubed Starlight Archer using IR gives me an almost daylight image of a size where I can be sure of shot placement. Not everyones creed but that how I like it. The thing about IR N/V is that it won't penetrate foliage so a rabbit that's hiding at least has a chance. Not so with thermal. When I looked through my buddies thermal I was quite disappointed. A wishy washy image with nowhere near the magnification that I'm used to. Of course it did a brilliant job of showing quarry and everything that isn't quarry as well. He does very well with it but sometimes his shot placement is a little off. I'm wondering how good they are at seeing stuff in front of the quarry that could deflect the bullet.
  6. OK, Ya got me! But that's as far as I go. I ain't buying no rifle what needs half a can of old nails shoving down the front end.
  7. Thanks U. It really was bitter. I even broke out my Russian hat. Same as yours but black.
  8. Last night we took the 1st chance out since before Christmas. Temperature and wind was not inviting but the withdrawal symptoms were too strong. We took to the woods to get out of the worst of it but was still brutal. In no time my fingers were numb but I had a new scope to zero and 17 hornet rounds to test which told me I'm really glad I got rid of the old scope. Very good results despite the wind. Very happy. In the meantime my buddy went to work with his 17 hornet and thermal and did the business as usual. It was unreal the way they kept coming out despite all the shooting that was going on. Even the dog fox had made his way round until he scented us but didn't run. I guess the smell of the dead rabbits clouded his judgement enough to put him to sleep. We didn't linger too long. Happy to get the heater on in the motor.
  9. 1st With New Caller

    Well done Belly. Never seen a tail removed like that Do you do anything with em or just a souvenir?
  10. Thanks Alsone. I believe my buddy is working on such a rig using the phone which will record as well. The uses are many. When developing rounds/powders I’m looking forward to being able to mark each round on an identical target at the bench and put each fired case in its numbered pouch and so show why the flyers etc at leisure.
  11. Crackshot strikes again!

    What a great pic. That's destined for a frame I know. Well done all.
  12. Rabbits with HMR

    Since my shooting buddy got his ATN a couple of months back he's p***ing all over me with my Archer. There's no doubt they are very effective but my covert N/V is as much of an edge as I want at the moment. Maybe I'll change my mind down the line if they come back in numbers.
  13. I do use a very good spotting scopeTyla @150yds when zeroing or plinking and I make my own shoot n see targets but targets get used and have to be replaced or resprayed in the case of shoot n see. For whatever the reason I'd prefer not to do the 300yd round trip too often.
  14. Completely missing the point and yet more unwanted philosophy! For 300yds read 1000yds or 1500yds!