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  1. Windy City

  2. RIP Bob Lowery - one of the great dogmen of North America passed last night.
  3. Looking For Pedigrees of Patterdales

    Curtis you're right, you're not DA, but you are 'Dick Weed' Kennels. Perhaps you're looking to hang papers on your terriers - the ones for 1000.00 a piece - the ones where you need four of them to handle a 12 pound coon http://roughneckkennels.com/ What a shame!
  4. Looking For Pedigrees of Patterdales

    I don't like to post much because one of the most grievous things I've encountered with these dogs, is people who will say or do ANYTHING to exploit them. I've seen alot of good dogmen get hurt and silenced by lies. The first clue as to WHO is behind this thread came on the first post when a certain individuals dogs are mentioned. The individual behind this goes by several names, and I'm convinced has several personalities, and is obsessed with destroying peoples reputation for no other reason than the fact that he's batsh#t crazy. How he could get this far and do this much damage, literally bending over and taking a sh#t on the lifetime work of some very good dogmen, is beyond me. This kind of stuff will be the downfall of hunting terriers as fast as anything else. There's some good men on both sides of the pond, who in good faith have tried to help one another, but you can never be 100% sure who's at the other side of the phone or internet.
  5. wisdom in flying under the radar screen...
  6. Clearing misconceptions

    Mosby, thank you for sharing your OPINIONS, mate LOL! D.
  7. A few videos of my pup.

    Nice pup there, Texican! D.
  8. New Pup

    About 85% of all the work my terriers do is earthwork. The other 15% percent is quarry they find in brushpiles, rubbish piles, etc. I try to work them to earth if at all possible. I also own a female cousin to the pup that is mature and a firecracker finder/stayer. She is more of the smart mixer type and doesnt kill every piece of quarry she works but she is HONEST, a great finder, and has shown she is there till dug to, and that's all I ask of her. I can spade quarry with ease. atb Nice pup! Hope he works out for you. D.
  9. Nice job there, Daniel!
  10. Yankee, what are you starting this post for? Do you have a bitch that is ready to be bred? Where are your hunting posts Yankee? Lets see them hunting posts buddy. What do you have for breeding? Are you a breeder or a hunter or both? I hunt I have not bred a patterdale yet. I was hoping to get to get a little civil talk about what everyones thoughts were on the studs here and over there ... I don't hunt to make post and am not writer Hastings .... How is that bitch off the cull working out you? Have you breed her yet ? Griz I do not have any plans to breed but when I do I might call you I was thinking of using the Maltese or maybe the corgi that you have used in the past.. Fin produced well.. How are things up in that COLD COUNTRY ? Lets just keep it civil from here on out You I and few others know what I am talking about . . I'm down for keeping it civil Yankee, and thought that was the direction we were going after our talk the other day. Ddog
  11. lol i won't shoot ya! Thanks Bob! D.
  12. "Blue Collar" please pm me your number - Thanks! Yankee, I'm not sure about what you're talking about. You've never told me about a hunt or invited me on a hunt. I razzed you about that yesterday. I could have showed up with 'caughsyrup' down in Fblt. but I had something planned for that weekend. You might be referring to the times I called you to hunt when we went out..I'm not sure. I told the boys from Missouri to stop by during the evenings and we'd be home. Two things: I know nothing about you setting up hunts and people not showing up, so I can't speak to that. I'm always willing to hunt when I can and have tried to get out weekly. Secondly, you might not see Zack work but it doesn't matter. As I've said many times there's no tissue supporting his bottom jaw teeth in the front - he's a face-eater as is his son Duma, and daughter Lola both have the same dilemma. I talked with several dogmen more experienced than I and they told me to put him up and leave him alone. I almost lost him before trying to prove something to someone - never again! He's too driven. That doesn't matter, though, because his offspring show well and I have a few younger dogs from the same family that I'm hopeful will 'represent' well. We'll see!