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  1. That's Awsome sways wanted to try terriers on rats
  2. Shortest hunt to date unleashed a young dog turn around to leash back my older dog and groundhog bolted right in front of us drop leash she caught it all in like 20 to 30 seconds short and sweet on a hot day
  3. Haven't needed one shallow this way
  4. Skip work for a little r&r to enjoy life good day not much of a job but my terrier starting to work with me not against me
  5. Yeah I really didn't word that right I mean I would rather breed off a good terrier with a high percentage of workers behind him rather than breed to a flunk that may be better but has a lower % of workers
  6. Every good line throws a cur and every bad line throws a flunk its a percentage thing I wouldn't breed to a flunk even though its a worker I like a nice line breed terrier that's a worker
  7. Nice female I'm working straight forward type and very crafty when finding
  8. A old warrior coon i got with the dogs lost both his feet on the one side heel up things are tough
  9. Yankee you ever get a chance see your pups parents they pretty good dogs
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