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  1. yes, I have 4 that I work on a regular basis and 3 more that needs to mature a bit more ageing before they begin. I also own and work Russell types.
  2. A little working border bitch He was a good working border dog both with KC pedigees The Breeder, as always, a pleasure to read your posts and see your pics.. Great looking terriers mate, am so glad there is genuine gentlemen here who still value the true working terrier.. all the best mate...
  3. well mate, depends on what you mean by fail?? I have had terriers that couldn't fit through the complete tunnel to make it to the stop end, (too big to fit) dug to them screaming and digging, attempting to reach their quarry. But if they failed by coming out of earth, walking away from game, etc they ended up as backfill. What exactly do mean by "failed"???
  4. good looking workers mate, can you or will you speak of their working ability, or the ability of their lineage.. all the best
  5. TRUST ME,I am not the only one here who thinks you are a total wanker and poison for any working breed or type Masta-of-Bullshit or Masta- bater..
  6. I am looking for some good photos of him, as soon as I can get them scanned I will have them up for you mate. I do have a few pics that are already on photobucket of a few of russell types I at one time owned. This pic is of a puppy (before he was started) that my daughter now owns, he is older now, well started, and doing very well for her so far. These next pics are of young russell type that we were getting started. I will get the other photos asap.
  7. nah mate you should keep your lies straight, i said 13 months on that thread.. you lied here and said 12. i mis calculated on that thread.. she was born on february. so that would make her 15. Does it really make a feck?? You still bred the bitch on her first heat and, to a male that has never been entered, and, originally posted that they were for sale!!! As if 2 months makes the whole situation any better or justifies the breeding. I stand corrected, you have totally redeemed yourself with that statement, a whole 2 months older than you originally thought... lmao!...you fecking wanker!! I wish the folk you are now giving (that you originally posted to sale) the pups from this planned breeding of yours with your 15 month old puppy and never entered stud, could see some of your posts so they would know what they are getting themselves into and know exactly what a clueless knob they are dealing with. fellow, you have no buisness breeding terriers or any working dog for that matter, You should go with a show type since you dont breed for working traits anyway. Get yourself a shih tzu or poodle mate, more of the type that will fill your needs as a lapdog. Sorry to high-jack the thread with my kind comments to such a respectable breeder as Masta-of-game.
  8. beautiful ... thats the type i need. i dont even look at rabbit holes Gathering from your posts, the only holes your terrier has EVER seen is on the back of 12 MONTH old bitch pup, so I'm pretty sure you wouldn't know what type is needed for honest earthwork in your terrain. and im getting a lot of interest. already 5 are spoken for . I bet you do as you stated in your last thread, WILL BE "SOLD" AS BUSHING DOGS!!!
  9. Thats funny how you stated in the thread you had deleted that the female involved in the breeding was 12 months and neither terrier, sire or dam to the breeding had ever been entered to earth.. You should keep your lies straight mate!
  10. beautiful ... thats the type i need. i dont even look at rabbit holes Gathering from your posts, the only holes your terrier has EVER seen is on the back of 12 MONTH old bitch pup, so I'm pretty sure you wouldn't know what type is needed for honest earthwork in your terrain.
  11. I agree that pts is the most humane option if the terrier is suffering from an illness etc, but, I feel it would be a shame to show utmost loyalty, work your heart out for a cause, never to fail, puting your life at risk with every effort, and when your body cant physically handle anymore damage, you are repaid for your countless efforts by being discarded or thrown away like yesterdays trash is nothing more than a selfish act and more fecked up then a wanker tasteing lolly pop. I mean where is the loyalty in that?? I feel it speaks volumes about anyone's character who would do such. It's one thing if the terrier doesn't make the grade or is ill, but to put an old faithful warrior down that has never failed you just because time or past injuries prevents him from working is unfair and selfish! Has he not PROVEN his worth in the past????
  12. That's a good looking little russell type you have. Do you know anything of it's lineage or the workers behind it. My youngest daughter was gifted a male russell pup some time back that resembled yours quite a bit. It was a rewarding experience for her in many ways, she wanted a Russell so she could start hunting with me because at the time she wasn't fond of the looks of my black dogs, lol. I took her hunting in Eastern Oklahoma with a gentleman who keeps and works Russell types he imported from the U.K. and were crackerjack workers to say the least. We made several digs that day and upon our arrival back to his home, he took my daughter to his puppy pen and told her to choose any pup she wanted. After she made her pick he bent down and told her that he was selling the pup to us for a hand shake, and, our word that the pup would be reared and entered properly when it was of proper age and told her that it was the going price for a terrier from someone's kennels who loved our sport.. Little tyke turned out to be an excellent finder/stayer, a rough mixer at best but definately a worker. Worked him mostly to coon and fox but I would dig anything he found and engaged. He was stubborn as a mule and did things his way with no regard to voice commands or his enviroment once he engaged. Little fecker started fairly early and relieved a lot of the neighbors of their cats after slipping away from my daughter on walks, escaping his kennel, etc... Once he got some age on him he was one that I was proud to dig to.. C^nt ex-wife gave him away during the split up, just to piss me off, I tried but never located his where-abouts.. Anyway you have a looker and best of luck with it, thanks, your pic brought back some good memories...all the best
  13. anyone have some pics of working borders? could care less for show pics, workers plz..
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