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  1. 2 year old Patterdale View Advert 2 year old Patterdale dog needs re homing asap. My Mothers just had a suspected heart attack and I'm been made homeless this coming Monday. Dog is free to good home but will want to keep in touch. The dog hasn't done anything as I have had the kids 24 hours a day for the last year. Well bred, and needs to go as soon as possible. No time wasters. Dog is chipped inoculated etc. Morpeth Northumberland. Can't upload pics but can send by e mail. Advertiser
  2. Dig Deep 70 extreme lurcherwork Terriers and Terriermen 1 and 2. 100 quid each. Most of the Little Darcy Books still here. Work them hard treat them like hereos Plus most other books at least a tenner off retail price.
  3. Bellman And Flint Pieps Box and Collar For Sale. Used Twice. £225 FOR QUICK SALE. Also have Big Nets and Screw together Bulldog and Spit.plus all my Books, Dig Deep, Extreme Lurcherwork, Little Dogs, and all of Date Batcombe books all Signed and in tip top condition. Also got Scooby, Big Game Dogs etc. Message me with what you are after as I will have it. Everything is in Northumberland. I'm selling up as Family needs me, so everything must go.
  4. That's one very fine Black Dog RH. How big Is he mate?
  5. I'm after Digging the Dirt Volume.2? I'm also after a copy of each Dvd if possible. Cheers.
  6. I think that it all depends upon the geographical region in the world.
  7. Dilly Dog I've seen a dog very similar but he is just a pup. He was a Black terrier X a red J Park dog. Same head eyes body the lot.
  8. I was going to travel 10 hours each way for a pup which I don't see a problem with. However I couldn't do that in 1 day and get home. So I've arranged collection of the pup. I was offered pups out of this and that but I've done my homework and found out that the parents may be workers but either don't produce workers or are too hard for their own good. However this pup has 2 genuine and honest workers that are always reliable and come from familiar stuff. Mostly going back to Gould Stuff with a bit extra out cross which works.
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